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Shou Sui 2019-06-05

Shou Sui is one of the traditional customs practiced on Chinese New Year’s Eve. On this very special day, all family members get together and stay up late to see the New Year in. The first part “Shou” means watching and waiting in English and “Sui” also known as “Nian” stands for year.

According to folklore, in ancient times, there used to be a fierce beast named “Nian”. It lived in a deep forest and ate everything alive from hard-working ants to all manner of human beings. It killed countless livestock and inflicted a great damage and suffering to people’s lives. The people were terrified of it. Carefully studying its habits, people discovered that Nian’s attack followed the rule that it only appeared once every 365 days, that it was at night, and that it vanished in the next morning. In following this rule, the people quickly  figured out the date of Nian’s attacks and schemed a series of actions to protect themselves from Nian.

On that particular night, every household prepared food in advance, and locked all the livestock away. After locking and securing all the doors, family members would hide quietly in the room and have supper (since people couldn’t predict their fate on that dangerous night, they prepared themselves an extremely hearty supper)!

However, after supper, with their bellies full, nobody dared to sleep.Instead, they stayed up late, chatting  to embolden themselves. Gradually, as the folklore of Nian diminished, the custom of staying up late on Chinese New Year’s Eve and was passed down as an indispensible part of Chinese tradition.
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On May 23, "Abominable", the first original animation film from Pearl Studio, released its first global trailer and "special friend" poster. The film is co-produced by Pearl Studio and US DreamWorks and is scheduled to be screened globally in September 2019. The film is directed by Jill Carlton (Monsters, Inc./Open Season), co-directed by Todd Wilderman (Trolls/The Croods), produced by Suzanne Buirgy (Kung Fu Panda 2/How to Train Your Dragon) and executive produced by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge). The list of main voice actors of the English version has been released partly, including Wang Keyin who is popular for the Agents 0f S.H.I.E.L.D. She will do the voice for the heroine YI. In addition, the actress Sarah Paulson who won Emmy Awards for "American Horror Story" and the famous American child star Albert Tsai will also dub for the film.
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