1. Lakeside Morning Jogging



    Jogging is quite a healthy aerobic exercise that's popular in urban areas of China, especially Hangzhou. Morning jogging has been a trend that many young people indulge themselves in. There are always large groups of people jogging around West Lake.
  2. 8:30

    Go Cycling to buy cooking ingredients

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    Hangzhou Cuisine is famous for its light, fresh and haunting flavor. To prepare the most delicious and authentic Hangzhou dishes, you can start from buying some fresh food ingredients. Arguably Hangzhou boasts the biggest public bike program on earth, why not hop on a beautiful E-bike during your quest for out-of-the-world delicacy.
  3. 11:30

    Dining at Lou Wai Lou



    Lou Wai Lou is the most famous restaurant in Hangzhou, and with its long history it is time-honored brand of China. The food it serves is the most standardized local cuisine of Hangzhou.  Stop in a try dishes like Dongpo Pork, Longjing Tea cooked with Shrimp and many more. Lou Wai Lou is located on the lakeside, so patrons can enjoy the outdoor picturesque landscape of West Lake as well. 
  4. 14:30




    Hangzhou has been associated with tea since ancient times and it has cultivated a profound tea culture over thousands of years. Tea-tasting is the best way to appreciate this unique culture. The essential spirit of tea tasting does not lie in the sophisticated ritual process, but in the tranquil mind. You need to learn to let go and put aside all the things that bother you and enjoy life.
  5. 17:00

    The Night Banquet of Chenghuang Tower



    Chenghuang Tower stands on the top of Wu Hill (吴山). It has been known as a landmark scenic attraction and is regarded as the 4th famous tower south of the Yangtze River. The Night Banquet of Chenghuang Tower takes place on the third to the sixth floor of Chenghuang Tower. It is the best place to enjoy the view of the lake with a sip of tea and a mountain breeze on a weekend afternoon. Tourists can also taste the delicacies of Hangzhou and enjoy local music.
  6. 18:30

    Watch Night of West Lake Show



    The performance showcases the culture of the region and lasts around an hour. Songs, dances, opera, acrobatics and stunts are integrated to present the ancient civilization and customs of Hangzhou. 
  7. 21:00

    Bar Time of Nanshan Road



    Nanshan Road is the most popular destination for nightlife, and well-known among foreigners living in Hangzhou. There are a great many bars and clubs along it with different themes. Beer, conversation, parties and carnivals are all available.
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