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China (Hangzhou) Craftwork Exhibition 2019-09-20

From September 29 to October 3, you can weave your way through the 2017 China (Hangzhou) Craftwork Exhibition, which is held in the Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center (杭州和平会展中心).

This is the eighteenth year to hold such a significant exhibition and in the realm of Arts & Crafts of China and it is reputed as being one of the best.

 Nearly One Thousand Masterpieces will be Exhibited 

The exhibits, which are carefully chosen, are more unique, and an influx of new brands as well as young craftsmen will be on show. The youngest craftsman, from Suzhou, was born in 1996.

The exhibition is broad and profound for its comprehensive collection of pottery, porcelain, purple sand, glassware, jewelry, crystal, sculpture, embroidery, textile fibers, paper crafts, fan crafts, parachute crafts, classical furniture, folk crafts and so on. Hundreds of national, provincial and municipal masters of arts and crafts are all gathered to exchange their thoughts. In addition, more than 700 crafts are picked out from more than 300 brands which include the antique household incense burner, the poetic sharing umbrella, the bronze and silver tea set, the crossover fashion hand-embroidered bag, and an environmental bamboo shelf.

Besides the local crafts, there is also a wealth of crafts from other provinces or countries, such as Jinhua Jude Sculpture, paper cutting, Wuzhou Kiln, Shaoxing Fan, Qingtian Stone Sculpture, Yiwu Furniture, Yixing Purple Sand, Jingdezhen Ceramics and so on.

 Joint Exhibition of Two Generations of Artisans 

The stories behind the products

What most fascinates people is the theme, the two generations of artisans. Here, masters and their apprentices are invited to demonstrate the perfect heritage of craftsmanship. From bronze to stone and wood sculpture, from embroidery to lace, each master is on hand to explain the intricate craftsmanship involved in producing such masterpieces.

Most notably, there will be a new masterpiece on show, “Song Dynasty Maze (宋画迷宫)”. Made by Zhu Bingren ( 炳仁), the master of bronze sculpture, it is made up of 58 bronze pictures and covers an area of 40 sq.m.

 Other events 

Live Craft Performance: you can also watch at first hand the manufacturing processes of craftsmanship.

Ideal Sharing Conference: various lectures on craftmanship will be shared by the masters in the forms of classes, videos, objects and interactive scene creations.



2017 China (Hangzhou) Craftwork Exhibition

Time: from September 29 to October 3, 2017

Address: the first floor of the Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center, 158, Shaoxing Rd., Hangzhou

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