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2017 Hangzhou International Craft Week 2019-11-06
Hangzhou is the first “Global Creative Cities Network” by virtue of “Crafts and Folk Arts”, and through the 2017 Hangzhou International Craft Week, simplicity, antiquity and delicacy can all be witnessed in traditional crafts such as embroidery, silk parasols, period costumes, Wangxingji fans, tie-dye products, stone carvings, wooden carvings and bronze carvings. This is a rare opportunity for the world to weave themselves in and amongst some of Hangzhou’s finest crafts.

2017 Hangzhou International Craft Week is divided into three parts:

International Conference of Innovative Traditional Crafts

Time: June 16, 14:00 –17:30

Place: Micro Cube – Hangzhou Creative and Design Center

International Tradition Craft Innovation Exhibition

Time: from June 16-20, 10:00-17:00

Place: C-BOX exhibition hall, Genshan Square, Yanxia Square

Theme Sub-forum

Time: from June 17-19

Place: Micro Cube – Hangzhou Creative and Design Center


Hangzhou International Craft Week


Themed on England, the First Hangzhou International Craft Week combines an England art exhibition with a national one and makes full use of people’s visual and auditory senses. It has five districts: Hangzhou Traditional Craft Reproducing Area, Hangzhou Innovative Craft Designing Area, British and Chinese Craft Cross Designing Area, British Craft Designing Area and Other Specialty Area.

Hangzhou Traditional Craft Reproducing Area
The area features traditional materials used to make crafts, intricately showing their reproduction. Here, one can enjoy the beauty of these products as well as appreciate how traditional culture, techniques and designs remold our lives.

Hangzhou Innovative Craft Designing Area
The wisdom of 14 designer brands and cultural and creative enterprises will gather in 120 booths, and the exhibits of modern household designs show British design at its best as well as the roots to a new style of traditional craft.

British and Chinese Craft Cross designing Area
There are six British and Chinese cooperative craft exhibitions which represent the result of the collision of British and Chinese cultural innovative ideas, suggesting there are no borders in art.

British Craft Designing Area

14 selected British designer brands from London and Portsmouth in the exhibition reflect deep thinking and exploration of the British designers and artists on Chinese traditional crafts.

Other Specialty Area

Craft Experience Area, Craftsman Video & Audio Area, Boutique, Fun Photography Area, Characteristic Themed Area and Innovative Product Store.
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