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Flower Viewing This Spring 2019-01-02
Whilst the Spring Festival is almost drawing to a close, the arrival of spring and its many floral creations are only just beginning to open.

February: Plum Blossom

Lingfeng Peak

Lingfeng Peak - Plum Blossom Viewing

Lingfeng Peak is the most famous place for viewing plum blossom in Hangzhou.

How to get there: bus No. 28, 82, 15, 7 or 27

Gushan Park

Gushan Park - Flower Viewing

Gushan (Solitary Hill), the only natural islet that is situated inside West Lake, is connected to the banks by Xiling Bridge and Broken Bridge. The plum blossom in Solitary Hill is aplenty and resembles a picture postcard with the verdant mountains and crystal-clear waters as its backdrop.

How to get there: take bus No. 1, 2 or 3 to the bus stop of Xiling Bridge (西泠桥: xi ling qiao); or take bus No. 7, 27 or 507 to the bus stop of Geling Peak (葛岭: ge ling).

Xixi Hongyuan Garden

Xixi Hongyuan Garden

Compared with other plum blossom venues, the plum blossom in Xixi National Wetland Park’s Hongyuan Garden grows by water so it’s highly recommended that you take a boat to appreciate this floral view. Furthermore, you can stroll along Fu Causeway to Opera Corridor or Opera Corner where the sights of even more plum blossom and the sounds of opera await.

How to get there: bus No. 193, 356, 506, 596, J13 or B4

March: Tulips and Rape Flowers

Prince Bay Park

Prince Bay Park - Tulip

Speaking of the most popular flower viewing places in Hangzhou, it has to be Prince Bay Park. Most people come to Prince Bay Park for its tulips which are usually in full bloom in March.

How to get there: bus No.4, 52, 87, 315, 334, 822, Y2 or Y6 to the bus stop of Su Causeway (苏堤: su di)

Eight-Diagram Field

Eight-Diagram Field - Rape Flowers

Eight-Diagram Field features idyllic views. There are endless stretches of golden yellow rape flowers set in between Chinese flowering crab-apple and peach blossom.

How to get there: bus No. 42, 20, 62 or 133.

April: Peach Blossom and Peonies

Banshan Village

Banshan Village - Peach Blossom

Banshan Village, located at the southwest side of Xindeng Town, Fuyang District, holds the Banshan Peach Blossom Festival every year. Peach blossom plantations in the village cover a total area of over 4000 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) and when the time comes, pinky peach blossom spreads all over the mountains. Breathing fresh air that is filled with the aroma of peach blossom, and enjoying the warm sunshine whilst tasting farm-flavored dishes is what some might describe as simply peachy!

How to get there: From Hangzhou drive along No. 320 national road and then No. 23 provincial road to Xindeng Town. After passing Nanjin Bridge (南津大桥: nan jin da qiao) in southern town, turn right at the crossing of Nansi Village (南四村: nan si cun) and there is Banshan Village

Pagoda of Six Harmonies

Pagoda of Six Harmonies

April is the best time in which to view peonies and every April, Pagoda of Six Harmonies will hold a peony exhibition which displays peonies of all colors, shapes and sizes.

How to get there: bus No. 287, 318, 4 or 334
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