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Win Tickets to Hangzhou Marathon – Let the Race Commence 2019-06-05
This March, Hangzhou will be on track to bringing all running enthusiasts the run of their lives. The Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race, for those who want to fully appreciate the fun of running, will give away tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon and a lot, lot more...

In 2016 there were, altogether, 328 running events held across the country, the largest number in history, but what’s even more exciting is that it is estimated that there will be over 500 running races in 2017, another great year for running enthusiasts.

Wentao Road

On March 5, 2017, on “the most beautiful running track” along Wentao Road, an innovative Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race will welcome runners from all over the world. Participants will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the majestic Qiantang River, which is world famous for its Qiantang River Tidal Bore, but they will also be able to win tickets for the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon.

As we all know, the Hangzhou Marathon is very popular and every year there are tens of thousands of people wanting to participate but, unfortunately, are unable to get a ticket. However, if you achieve a good result during the Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race on Wentao Road on March 5, 2017, your whole team will then be given tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon, and be rewarded with cash!

FUN: Four People Relay Race

2016 was a fruitful year for Zhejiang’s running events. According to data released by the Zhejiang Marathon and Running Association, in 2016 the province witnessed nearly 200 running events which included marathons, trail-walks, cross-country races, road and happy running events. And to further promote Zhejiang’s marathon-related events and provide more opportunities for running enthusiasts to participate in, this March 5, Zhejiang will welcome the Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race.

Hangzhou Running Events

The Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race will consist of two groups, county/district groups and charity groups. The County/district groups are formed according to the address indicated on the participants' ID card, whereas the charity groups are not. Every group requires six people to register and four will be randomly picked to take part in the race which is a 42.195-kilometer relay race to be completed in, at most, 4.5 hours.

To participate in the event, participants need to meet the following requirements,
1. Be aged between 18 to 55; 
2. Since 2015, own either a half-marathon certificate ( having been completed within 2.5 hours) or a full-length marathon (within 5 hours);
3. An up-to-date Health Certificate (2016)
4. Every group needs to have at least one male and one female

BENEFITS: Tickets to Hangzhou Marathon and more…

The event organizers will accept registration for 90 teams and from these teams the six people from the top 20 teams from both county/district groups and charity groups with the best racing results will be rewarded with tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon.

If your team doesn’t make the top 20, you may still have the chance to obtain marathon tickets. After the race, there will be a lucky draw box in which papers with the numbers 0-9 will be individually placed inside. The organizers will then divide the remaining teams (No. 21-No. 90) into seven groups with each having ten teams and name these teams with numbers. According to the number drawn out from the lucky draw boxes, for example, 3, then the seven groups whose number includes the number 3 will be given tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon.

In addition to the above, the top three teams of both the county/'district groups and charity groups will be rewarded with cash.

Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race
Time: 8 am on March 5, 2017
Starting Point: the little square at the west section of Wentao Road Binjiang District
Route: running along the riverside Wentao Road, the most beautiful running track
Registration: the registration platform opened December 27, 2016
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