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International Tourism Festival Uncovers More Charm 2019-11-06
The red maples in Zhinan Village, the greenway in Qiandao Lake, the oranges in Sandu Town, and the river products in Liuxi River all contribute to Hangzhou’s golden season and, of course, add more charm to the 2016 Hangzhou West Lake Expo International Tourism Festival.

Lin’an City

Baishuijian Autumnal Xi Family Culture and Wellness Festival

This November, Baishuijian Scenic Area will host its autumn Xi family culture and wellness festival and, in doing so, invites you to climb a mountain, enjoy a glass of wine, listen to the rhythms of the flowing stream, and talk about how to keep fit and healthy.

Hangzhou Baishuijian Scenic Area

The forest coverage in Baishuijian is approximately 90% and ascending along steps one is welcomed by a gurgling stream, chirping birds and buzzing insects, and fresher than fresh air. In Baishuijian, one can stretch to the warm sunshine, enjoy the relaxing fish spa after a hike, sample the local delicacies and savour a glass of Baishuijian bamboo wine.

Taihuyuan Ecological Scenic Area “Intoxicating Beauty of Red Leaves Festival”

Hangzhou Taihuyuan Ecological Scenic Area

November is the best time to view autumnal red leaves and even more so in Taihuyuan Ecological Scenic Area in Lin’an. Besides the enchanting autumnal views, visitors can also participate in the activity of a thousand people self-driving to explore Lin’an, make (making) autumn teas and enjoying a Qipao Show.

The 2016 Liuxi River Fishing Festival – the 1st Boat Dishes Food Festival

Hangzhou Liuxi River

Until November 30, Liuxi River Scenic Area will aim to catch the attention of its visitors with its fishing festival – the 1st Boat Dishes Food Festival. During this festival a special package, for 100 RMB, has been put together and this includes a yacht or boat cruise to Zhexi’s Three Little Georges and the ticket for Heqiao Ancient Town – Jiangnan water town. For groups of ten people or more, freshly-made feasts prepared from river products from Liuxiu River are also available.

Jiande City

30th Anniversary of the Opening of Daci Cliff Scenic Area

Hangzhou Daciyan Cliff

On November 16 Daci Cliff Scenic Area will hold its 30th anniversary during which its new tourist center will be put into good use and a mountain hiking activity, entitled “Autumn of Daci Cliff”, will be launched.

The 4th China (Jiande) 17 Degrees Xin’an River Healthy Food Festival

Hangzhou Xin'an River

November will witness the arrival of the Xin’an River Healthy Food Festival in which, “Ten Most-Loved Dishes” and “Ten Most-Loved Snacks” will be unveiled.

“Aviation Theme Park” Carnival
In the middle of November, in Jiande’s Aviation Theme Park, a carnival themed on aviation will be held and Qiandao Lake’s Low-altitude Tourism schedules its first flight (low-altitude tourism means letting passengers aboard aircrafts at low altitudes to enjoy the view). 

Tonglu County

2016 Beasts Carnival

Hangzhou Safari World

The 2016 Beasts Carnival will last until late November and witnesses the arrival of 30 new wild and wonderful creatures to Hangzhou Safari World of which the king of animals, the Siberian tiger, has its premiere appearance (not appearance but performance, it will perform diving performance with its team ).  In addition, a forest party, animal circus and lucky draw are also on show to entertain you.

Chun’an County

Qiandao Lake Cycling and Jiangjia Mountain Running

Qiandao Lake

After the recent and successful hosting of the Jiangjia Mountain Marathon and the 2rd Qiandao Lake Coming-of-age Cycling Ceremony in Qiandao Lake, it is easy to follow in their footsteps and enjoy some outdoor pursuits in this holy place of cycling and running. The marathon route connects almost all scenic spots of Qiandao Lake and it is quite an experience to ride along Qiandao Lake greenway.
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