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China Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2019-09-19
As one of the key exhibition projects of the West Lake International Expo, the China Arts and Crafts Exhibition is also the most time-honored and most recognized platform for showcasing brands in the arts and crafts industry.

While the city’s autumn air is being filled with the sweet scent of Osmanthus, in Hangzhou’s Heping International Exhibition & Conference Center, from Oct. 13 to Oct. 17, the China Arts and Crafts Exhibition is getting ready to shower you with its range of exquisite arts and crafts. Made from a wide selection of materials such as porcelain, lacquer ware, glass and metal and using techniques such as engraving, weaving, dyeing and embroidering, these arts and crafts are set to create a storm of excitement.

What to See

Exhibition of the Works of Masters
The core exhibition area of the China Arts and Crafts Exhibition is dedicated to the works of 13 masters. Exhibited in this area are porcelain, wood engravings, machine and handmade embroideries, Xiaoshan laces, bronze engravings, seals and redware.

Joint Exhibition of Works by Young Successors of traditional Techniques
Arts and Crafts is an art requiring close communication between the craftsman and the material he uses, and the learning of traditional handicraft techniques always involves the master taking your hand and teaching you how to make it.

The impressiveness of the works by these young successors of traditional techniques lies in the fact that they bring modern aesthetics into traditional arts and crafts.

“China’s Top Five Kilns” Masterpieces Exhibition
Chinaware, named after the country – China, clearly confirms the status of the country as the kingdom of chinaware. Chinaware is not only of practical use but also can be shaped into exquisite arts and crafts.

Displayed in this exhibition are some classics of China’s Top Five Kilns, Ru Kiln, Guan Kiln, Ge Kiln, Jun Kiln and Ding Kiln as well as their newest art pieces all of which provides collectors with a great opportunity to appreciate and exchange thoughts about Chinaware.

What to Do

Live Demonstration of Arts and Crafts
Successors of traditional arts and crafts techniques will show you bronze engraving, fan painting, bamboo-strip weaving and clay figurines making.

Arts and Crafts Activities for Children
Here, Children can experience the art of making crafts of their very own. In addition people can, at very reasonable prices, take some of their favorite arts and crafts home. At the opening ceremony on Oct. 13 there will be arts and crafts masters advising you on how to choose the right piece from aspects of material, workmanship and value.
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