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Xixi Red Persimmon Festival 2019-08-01
As autumn approaches we also warmly welcome the annual Xixi Red Persimmon Festival, a show of snow-white reed catkins and flame-red persimmons. Symbolizing a good harvest, satisfaction and hope, this carnival of red persimmons is set to bring you endless amounts of fun. In the picture-perfect Hongyuan Garden, situated in Xixi National Wetland Park, there will be a host of interesting parent-child activities, a number of interactive amusement activities and the most splendid of performances combining Chinese and Western cultures.

This year the red persimmon festival will run until October 2016 and compared to previous years this year’s is themed all around the family. The festival will also focus on the three traditional Chinese festivals, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Double Ninth Day and in doing so will show Hongyuan Garden’s true colors in this famous golden season. 

On the first day of the National Day Holidays Hongyuan Gardens will set the scene for Kunqu Opera, performed by Kunqu masters from the Hangzhou Opera Association, and to the backdrop of Jiangnan one will also be able to sample a 100-year-old cognac. In addition to the above and throughout the entire National Day Holidays there will also be performances by foreign bands and setting you on the right track there are outdoor entertainment activities such as 9D movie car and real-man Whac-A-Mole.

The carnival will continue right into the middle of October and besides the aforementioned activities there will also be a number of fun activities happening every weekend, for example, on September 24 and 25 photographers and oil painters from ten different countries will come to Hangzhou to share their knowledge and experiences and together with photography and painting lovers, they will depict the beauty of Hongyuan Garden; and on October 15 and 16, which closes the carnival, lessons relating to nature and seeding will be held in the Farming Cultural Village and here visitors will be able to feed animals, claim their own trees and make clay figurines.

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Note: There are three entrances to Hongyuan Garden in Xixi National Wetland Park. Two of them (main entrance of Hongyuan Garden and Wujiawang entrance) are located in Fangxi Road, Wuchang Street, Yuhang District and the third (Longshezui main entrance) is located in Wuchang Avenue.
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