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Operas Take Center Stage in Hangzhou 2019-09-20
For six years, the Hangzhou Contemporary Theater Festival has presented Hangzhou people with over 100 spectacular performances and 59 classical operas from all over the world. In the process, the festival has evolved into an important platform for international art and culture exchange. In 2017, the Hangzhou Contemporary Theater Festival will show once again its charm in Hangzhou from September 15 to 28.

Operas Take Center Stage in Hangzhou

Adhering to its long-running focus on internationalization, the 2017 Hangzhou Contemporary Contemporary Festival has invited five excellent operas from world-class art platforms – the Festival d'Avignon France, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Spoleto Festival Italy, Holland Festival and Toga Opera Festival Japan, with the latter three to perform for Chinese audiences for the first time.

In the section of foreign operas, the opera “OPERASTRACCI” from Festival d'Avignon France will give its audience a sensuous performance. Instead of dialogues, the opera expresses ideas and meaning with facial expressions and body language. In addition, there will  also be the hugely popular opera “We Live by the Sea” which has received high praise in Europe including from  the British Theater Guide whose reviewer wrote that, “ 'We Live by the Sea' is an outstanding piece of theatre with a big heart and carefully honed performances. I cried freely throughout as did the rest of the audience. It's rare for theatre to connect in such a way ...”

Performance dates: September 19 and 20
Venue: Changable Theater in the Hangzhou Grand Theater

We Live by the Sea
Performance Time: September 19 and 20
Venue: Small Theater in the Zhejiang Provincial Culture Hall

During the period of the festival, many Chinese and foreign opera artists are invited to attend opera studios, art lectures, dialogue sessions and opera exhibitions. Simultaneously there will be other such opera-related events as cartoon and animation exhibitions, contemporary opera costume exhibitions and creative opera fairs.
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