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Hangzhou Xixi Dragon Boat Culture Festival 2019-09-20
Dragon Boat Festival, otherwise known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated at the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It was originally a festival to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan – a patriotic poet of the ancient state of Chu during the Warring States period. Nowadays, the festival has developed into a pageant for dragon boat racing.
This year’s Dragon Boat Festival falls on May 30. The annual Hangzhou Xixi Dragon Boat Culture Festival is to be held in Xixi National Wetland Park from May 28 to May 30. During the period, a series of activities will be available.

Dragon Boat Racing at Jiangcun Village

Since ancient times the residents in Jiangcun Village in Xixi Wetlands have gathered in Shentankou and held annual dragon boat competitions to celebrate the much-loved festival. As a national-level intangible cultural heritage the Jiangcun Dragon Boat Competition, locally known as “Long Zhou Sheng Hui (龙舟盛会: Dragon Boat Pageant)”, originally stemmed from the Southern Song Dynasty (960-1279) gaining its fame in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when Emperor Qianlong bestowed it the name “Long Zhou Sheng Hui” during one of his inspection tours in Jiangnan Region. Since then the name continues to be used to refer to the dragon boat competition in Jiangcun Village.

Hangzhou Xixi International Dragon Boat Race

The race will be held in the 1200-meter-long watercourse (Qianjindang-Shentankou) which boasts the most beautiful scenery in Xixi Wetlands. After the intense and fierce competition, you can sit back and enjoy the unique landscape of the Jiangnan region. The tournament adopts the international standard dragon boat and implements the form of river chasing and the latest China Dragon Boat Association's "Dragon Boat Race Rules". Ten teams will compete for first, second or third prizes, which will be awarded on the Shentankou ancient drama stage.         

Xixi Dragon Boat Combo

“Long Zhou Sheng Hui” in Jiangcun Village has gradually become a folk custom alluring visitors from all over the world and it is no longer a festival that occurs only at Dragon Boat Festival but it is a project to improve team working spirits. Every May to October Xixi Dragon Boat Combo will be available for teams of 6-10 people wanting to try the dragon boat experience. According to their own demands, visitors can choose half-day dragon boat experiencing combo costing 2880 RMB per boat or half-day dragon boat experiencing, plus half day Xixi boat cruise combo which costs 3980 RMB per boat.

Folk Art Performances

Visit Xixi National Wetland Park during Dragon Boat Festival and you can also enjoy folk art performances such as boxing on boats, Yueju Opera and you can even try your hands at making rice dumplings and perfumed sachets.
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