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Hangzhou Lights the Way to Success… 2019-07-17
No matter how you view Hangzhou at night, it will always provide you with an enlightening impression. By day, Hangzhou is always charming, natural, tranquil and gentle, but by night Hangzhou lights the way to success, and with such attractive views it has won the 2017 Lamp of Aladdin Award.

The Lamp of Aladdin Award, hosted by the world's largest lighting exhibition - Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, recently announced that four of Hangzhou’s projects have won the 2017 Aladdin God Award - Excellent Project Award. So, what are the charms of these four projects?

Smart Nightscape Lighting Project of Core Scenic Area of West Lake

The core scenic area of the West Lake focuses on supplementing the mountain lighting system of the southern line of the West Lake, repairing and increasing the brightness of the three islands in the lake. In the meantime, it will also improve, complete and optimize the existing lighting systems of the Eastern City Skyline and Northern Line.

With "Fantastic landscapes on three sides and a city on one side.”, it aims to create a Chinese Scroll of the Picturesque Yangtze-Delta: "A grand spectacle if seen as a whole, and as different pictures if seen separately" which shows the unique charm of the ancient capital and its numerous cultural attractions and many wonderful landscapes.

Coordinating distances and combining tranquility with vitality, the Eastern City Skyline of the West Lake has created a unique but orderly illuminated line which shows the modern night scenery of Hangzhou city. Wushan Mountain, Xizhao mountain, Jade Emperor Mountain, Nanping Mountain and the Niuyao Mountain ridge lines of the Southern Line of the West Lake will be brightened by flood lights with kelvin temperatures of 2200K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K. They will generate a marvelous image which, through the changes of light, color and shade, will resemble a Chinese ink painting.

The Western Line of the West Lake belongs to the Black Sky Protected Area. It only lights up the Poem Pavilion on the North Mountain and the Santai Pavilion on the Santai Moutain so that the lakeshore can still shine in its own limelight. The western line also supplements and completes the lighting effects of the Su Causeway and Yanggongdi Causeway. Based on the original nightscape lighting of Beishan Street, the Northern Line of the West Lake extends its lighting to Shuguang road and, in doing so, fully displays night scene flavors and rich historical and cultural connotations of the characteristic block: "North Mountain Night"

Based on original lighting effects, the three islands in the lake have added changeable colors to the trees and buildings which can create adjustable, reversible and variable lighting effects for grand festivals.

Nightscape Lighting Project of Qiantang River’s Four Bridges

The dynamic effects of the Lighting Project of Qiantang River’s Four Bridges are divided into three parts, the theme of the first is "The Mighty Dragon", the second is "Blooming Flowers and Full Moon", and the third is "Revived Rainbow." Retaining the original static white light effect, this project produces an integrated dynamic and static lighting mode to show the magnificent bridges and colorful night scenes through the sub-control device on grand festivals.

Lighting Project of Qianjiang’s Central Business District

Qianjiang CBD will connect the lighting system of the urban balcony with the 33 buildings which are located within 3.5 kilometers from the central axis. With the theme of "Water City Bright", it shows the changing development of Hangzhou from the West Lake to Qianjiang new city.

The whole project is divided into three phases:
Firstly, the construction of the lighting infrastructure which refers to the illuminating of central squares like the urban balcony, Culture Wave City and embankment (new space). It will also use LED flood lights to enhance the overall brightness, and the external facade of the urban balcony will adopt LED point lamps to achieve dynamic changing effects.

Secondly, the first phase of the building of lighting themes refers to the lighting renovation project of the three core architectural landscapes, namely, Civil Center, Grand Theater and International Conference Center. The Civil Center will adopt LED point lamps to achieve dynamic changing effects through control systems. The Grand Theater will use lamp projections to irradiate graphics onto the building’s façade, and the International Conference Center will also use LED line lights and LED point lamps to achieve dramatic effects.

Thirdly, the second phase of the building of lighting themes refers to the installation of the featured lighting in the 33 buildings located in the two wings of the center axis of the Qianjiang CBD. Being installed with LED point lamps, the building surface which faces the Qiantang river will achieve the interpretation of the lighting theme through the control system.

Hangzhou International Expo Center

Hangzhou International Expo Center is located at Xiaoshan Qianjiang Century City which is on the south bank of the Qiantang River and east of the Third Qianjiang Bridge. Have you seen the colorful Air Garden? For a sneak peek then visit the place.
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