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20 Free Chances to Experience a Luxurious G20 Tour 2019-07-17
As the first anniversary of the G20 Hangzhou Summit approaches, Hangzhou Tourism Commission has introduced a luxurious G20 tour, which is free of charge and available to only 20 lucky people.

What Will One Experience:

☆ Sceneries G20 leaders have experienced, hotels G20 leaders have stayed at, dinners G20 leaders have enjoyed and shows G20 leaders have watched … all of these are included in this unparalleled tour itinerary.

Your travel companions are top-notch elites from all kinds of professions, designers, photographers, gourmet chefs, entrepreneurs …

The tour itinerary encompasses essences of Hangzhou and enables one to experience Hangzhou from a comprehensive and overall perspective, from the classic West Lake to the fashionable Qianjiang New City, from the city’s tourism to its modernity and lifestyle.

Your night will be brightened by dazzling light shows and luxurious hotels. Music fountain, light shows, performances like “the Most Memorable is Hangzhou” … the most beautiful night scenes of Hangzhou can also be found in this tour itinerary.

What’s worth mentioning is that the hotels you will stay in are the ones stayed in by G20 leaders.

Your taste buds will be tantalized by Hangzhou delicacies, which could be palatable snacks in corner shops to famous dishes in high-end restaurants

In this tour, you are both tourists and online hosts; You can experience Hangzhou post-G20 and broadcast its beauty on the network. However, we only offer 20 people the opportunity so, if you are interested then please apply.


Highlight One: Four Unique Themes

The tour will be divided into four themes, enabling you to appreciate each and every aspect of Hangzhou. Walking onto university campuses, you will see that the city is full of youth and vigor; Walking along the historical Southern Song Imperial Street and Song Dynasty Town, you will step back in time and delve deep into the city’s culture. Stepping into the Wulin Business District, Yan’an Road and Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall and you are in a shopper’s paradise; and to escape the hustle and bustle of city life then meandering along The Grand Canal and Jiangcun Village are simply heavenly.

Highlight Two: A Light Show Only for You
During the tour, a unique light show will be solely arranged for you. Here, you can enjoy the spectacular night scenes of Hangzhou whilst broadcasting what you have seen and experienced online. All light shows, including those in Qianjiang New City, West Lake, West Lake Cultural Square, Wulin Square, Qiantang River and Grand Canal, show not only the remarkable west lake but also the elegant and historical grand canal, as well as the fashionable Qiantang River.

Hangzhou’s night won’t be complete without the performance “the Most Memorable is Hangzhou” which has enthralled the world, and this year it is set to amaze you. The story it narrates, the grand scenes and radiant lights it illuminates are a 1000 times more beautiful than what you would see in a video.

Highlight Three: Super Five-Star Hotels Staying Experience
The hotels you will be staying in are another highlight of the tour. It can be the popular G20 Hotel – West Lake State Guesthouse, which faces the entire West Lake; or Banyan Tree Hangzhou, whose spa was dipped into by G20 leaders; or Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, the designated hotel for four of the G20 leaders; or Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel, the first Shangri-La Hotel in mainland China and home to the largest greenland park in Hangzhou … Anyone of these hotels could be your home during the tour.

Highlight Four: State Banquet-Level Hangzhou Dishes
The West Lake Banquet which impressed G20 leaders last year will also make its return to your dining table. Dining wares featuring West Lake sceneries will present you with an exquisite dinner that satisfies any number of tastes. In addition, Sofitel Hotel will provide a most amazing G20 Ladies’ afternoon tea, which is themed on West Lake elements, combining western tea skills and Hangzhou elements thus showing the true charms of Hangzhou.

T20 Touring Groups

Recruiting the 20 tourists will involve many competitions over a period of time and not all 20 tourists will be recruited at once.  The first tourist to be recruited is in the form of a uniform designer since May 5, T20 Touring Groups has been looking to recruit a designer whose garment design, which the whole world will see, will be used for the group dress for T20 Tour Groups, and the selected winner will also receive a cash prize of 10,000 RMB. 

1. The design should feature new elements of Hangzhou, following the G20 Summit.
2. The design should be original and in accordance with the theme of the competition, and should be travel-related and fashionable.
3. The applicants should submit colored sketches of their design containing a planar structure measuring 27 x 40 cm. On the upper right corner of the sketch, the applicants should label the name of the design, the materials to be used and a brief introduction using less than 200 words. All designs are to be sent via digital copy which should be in the form of a JPG and no smaller than 300 pixels.

Submitting Email: hzxyt20@sina.com
Submitting Time: from May 5, 2017 to June 30, 2017
Appraisal Time: July 1, 2017 to July 10, 2017
Results will be revealed on July 15, 2017
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