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Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo 2019-09-19
Starting from March 31, 2017, the Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo will last an entire 3 months until June. It is regarded as an extension of the G20 summit, since Hangzhou was able to successfully hold the 2016 G20 summit last September, wherein G20 attracted worldwide attention and given Hangzhou a very special opportunity to show the world its “unique charms and distinctive brilliance”. With the theme of "Oriental Culture and Worldwide Tea Ceremony", Hangzhou will have another chance to demonstrate its very own tea culture, building upon the reputation of “Tea Land of China”. There will be 26 themes and 4 main categories during the Tea Expo, including the main theme, tea culture, cities and suburbs, as well as a tea tour experience.    

This Tea Expo will be the first Tea Expo of its kind, and second biggest event after the G20 summit. The main purpose is to extend the benefits of holding the G20, as well as to capitalize on “Hangzhou’s unique charms of harmonious historical and modern characters”. This year’s Tea Expo will be presenting to people the following characteristics:    

Firstly, the building of the reputation of a “cultural city”, helping develop an “Oriental Culture Exchange Center”.

The expo is committed to better express Hangzhou’s rich cultural context and long history, as Hangzhou is one of the Chinese cities that carries the quintessential facets of oriental culture. After the Tea Expo opening ceremony, many theme-related activities will be opened up to the public one after another: the West Lake Longjing Tea Festival, Tea Day, Qinghefang Street Folk Tea Meeting, Yunlin Tea Meeting, etc. All of these activities will vividly showcase the originality and uniqueness of Hangzhou’s tea culture.

Secondly, building of the reputation of an “international city”, helping develop an “important international tourism and leisure center”.

The expo is committed to promoting Hangzhou’s tea culture to the world. An international tea meeting – “Twenty-four solar terms and tea” meeting will be held in Russia and some southeast Asian counties, meanwhile, the same meeting will also be held in Hangzhou city together with many guests from different countries, where this grand "Twenty-four solar terms and tea" themed tea meeting will let the whole world know about “twenty-four solar terms and tea” as well as other details of Chinese traditional culture and customs.

Through use of the channels and resources of the Confucius Institute, Hangzhou Tea Culture Global Confucius Institute-Tea affairs linkage will hold a “Villa of Hangzhou, Tea City” groundbreaking ceremony in the United States, in order to propose a “Tea Day” for all Confucius Institutes in the world, and in order to promote the carrying out of related activities, so as to better promote the city’s brand of being the “Tea Land of China”.     

In addition to all this, the Tea Expo will also organize a G20 Hangzhou Tea Cultural Tour, in order to display to Chinese and foreign tourists the special featuress of the “Tea Land of China”- the fragrance of Longjing tea, as well as a “Tea Road” exploring tour taking inspiration from “walking and exploring Hangzhou city following the footsteps of G20 ladies”.

Thirdly, build the reputation of “Exhibition city”, help to develop an “International Convention and Exhibition Capital”.

The Tea Expo will efficiently enlarge the scope and raise the level of the ability of organizing meetings relating to professional trades, in order to promote the development of tea economy and help to build Hangzhou an "international exhibition capital".  

2017 China International Tea Expo is going to invite the tea merchants from both China and other countries, so far, there are nearly 600 enterprises have already joined and been grouped into four main exhibition halls, they are “National tea achievement hall”, “Six kinds of tea blend hall”, “T30•Brand museum” and “Tea+• international hall”, along with 14 theme exhibition areas, the total area is 35,000 square meters.

2017 China International Tea Culture Expo – spring exhibition is going to invite both domestic and international brands, also new entered enterprises have been welcome to take part in, these merchants will come to Hangzhou to hold the exhibition of tea, tea ceremony tools, tea ceremony sets, paintings and calligraphy, etc. Estimated total booth is 450, with a total area of 12,000 square meters.

Fourthly, build the reputation of “Home of the tea”, help to develop “Hangzhou global tourism”.

The tea expo this year covers every district, county, county-level city near Hangzhou based on the tea resources around. Together with other local special activities such as the Fifth Xiaoshan Sanqing Tea Culture Festival, the sixteenth China tea grand festival and 2017 Qiandao Lake Tea Culture Experience Festival, the Expo will directly promote the sale of tea and tea relating tourism, as long as motivate the development of construction of rural spiritual civilization, improve the environment and other society beneficial development.
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