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50 Outdoor Leisure Activities in Hangzhou 2019-06-04
Spring is here and so is the 2017 “Intoxicating Springtime” – Hangzhou Outdoor Leisure Season which, in the following three months, will provide the city with over 50 springtime outdoor experiences and tour itineraries. With six themes to choose from such as child-parent, flower viewing, games and sports, spring couldn’t be livelier.

Hangzhou has officially stepped into spring and despite the rain, the roadside areas, mountains slopes, cliffs, banks of streams and residential houses are all being dominated by a vibrant array of blooming flowers. So, you could say everything is in position for a perfect outdoor activity.

Hangzhou Leisure Season

1. To provide everyone with a colorful springtime outdoor experience, Hangzhou introduces the project of “Intoxicating Springtime” – Hangzhou Outdoor Leisure Season, where all counties and subordinate cities will promote regional scenic spots and leisure themes in accordance with their local features. The season lasts until May and during that time, a series of flower viewing events such as Zhexi Grand Canyon Flower Season Cherry Blossom Assembly, Zhexi Grand Dragon Bay Mountain Flower Festival, Shuangpu Cherry Blossom Festival, Xindeng Banshan Peach Blossom Festival, is set to welcome you.

2. Early spring in Hangzhou is usually characterized by a mosaic of colors, which will then turn green in April, the color of tea season. In Longwu Tea Village, there will be an event entitled “Seeding in Spring” where parents can take their children to free their minds and fuel their curiosity. You can, equally, choose to stroll among the tea gardens, experience the fun of picking and frying tea leaves and not forgetting to taste the famous green variety.

3. Fruit and vegetable picking is an indispensable part of any outdoor experience. Baishuijian Happy Spring Bamboo Shoots Festival, Fuyang Daqingcao Strawberry Picking Festival, Jiande Fruit and Vegetable Garden have all extended their invitations by asking everyone to experience the fun of fruit and vegetable picking. Starting from now until late May, Fuyang District has introduced an assortment of activities. For example, in Tongzhou Island of Xintong Village, tourists can enjoy the scenery of virgin forest, rape flower fields and blue water of Fuchun River, as well as watch a wide variety of wild birds, taste river products unique to the area as well as historic farm-flavored delicacies.

4. Compared with the popular flower viewing activities, outdoor sports are more suitable for springtime, which offers one the opportunity in which to get close to nature. Sports-related events include the 7th Qiandao Lake Cycling Event and Xizi Yoga Classes.

5. Folk culture-related events are Dongqiao Mountain Village Festival, Tour of Wuyue Family Needlework and Handiwork, Dragon Boat Festival Culture Experience in Southern Song Dynasty.

6. The featured child-parent events include Hangzhou Safari World “Spring Outing Fairy Tale”, Xianghu Lake Zhihuihua Park Child-Parent Activity and Jiande Alice Rose Garden Child-Parent Tour.

The following events are absolutely worth a visit

Zhexi Grand Canyon Cherry Blossom Assembly
Time: February 15 to April 15
Venue: Zhexi Grand Canyon, Zhexi Tianchi Scenic Area

Happy Spring Bamboo Shoots Festival
Time: February 25 to April 2
Venue: Baishuijian Scenic Area

Zhexi Grand Dragon Bay Mountain Flower Festival
Time: middle March to April 12
Venue: Zhexi Grand Dragon Bay Scenic Area

The 3rd Shuangpu Cherry Blossom Festival
Time: starting from middle March

I and Happiness
Time: March 18 to April 30
Venue: Xingmin Strawberry Base, Jiande Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Qiandao Lake • Lishang Village Tea Culture Festival
Time: March 25 to April 25>
Venue: Lishang Village, Qiandaohu Town

Dongqiao Mountain Village Festival
Time: March to April
Venue: Heqiao Town, Fuyang District

Qiandao Lake Cycling Event
Time: March to April
Venue: Greenway around Qiandao Lake

“Tour of Flower Viewing” in Alice Rose Village
Time: April to May

Venue: Alice Rose Experience Base, Jiande Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Longwu Little Farmers Life Experience
Time: May
Venue: Longwu Tea Village


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