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Hangzhou Low-Altitude Sightseeing Flight Lifts Off in Qiandao Lake 2019-04-18
With the launch of the low altitude tourist flight in Jiande’s Aerial Town, people are now able to appreciate the beauty of Hangzhou from a bird’s eye view. On November 18, in the Aerial Town of Shouchang in Jiande city, the signing of the “Developing Low-Altitude Tourism Project Cooperation Agreement” took place and now the era of low-altitude tourism has begun, which makes Jiande city of Hangzhou the first place to have initiated low-altitude tourist flights in Zhejiang.

The launch of the flight is credited to the Qiandao Lake General Aviation Airport in Shouchang of Jiande. The airport is a Class A, general aviation airport for commercial use and the first airport in Zhejiang to gain the civil airport business certificate of Eastern China.

About Aerial Town

This January, Shouchang Town has been included on the list of the second group of to-be-developed Zhejiang Provincial Characteristic Towns. The aerial town has a plan area of 3.57 sq km with a construction area of 1.39 sq km, which will be developed into three sections, Aerial Construction, Aerial Service and Aerial Leisure and Touring. To date, 85,7560,000 RMB has been invested on the town’s fixed assets.

Hangzhou Low-Altitude Sightseeing Lifts Off

Inside the town is also an area dedicated to car drifting, go karting, mini cross country vehicles, children’s tire park, and at around the time of Chinese Spring Festival the aerial hotel will also be put into good use.

How to Experience the Flight?

The flight path covers most of the Qiandao Lake area, Xin’an River and Fuchun River and to reserve your seat then you must book in advance on the Wechat platform of Jiande Travel Guide (建德旅游指南).The price is approximately 800 RMB per 20 minutes per person. There is still time before the flight is officially opened to the public, and once open tourists can then board a plane to tour around the national scenic area of Fuchun River – Xin’an River – Qiandao Lake, national 4A scenic areas such as Daci Cliff and Lingxi Wonderland as well as Chinese ancient cultural villages such as Xin’ye ancient village.

What to See

 Qiandao Lake
 Fuchun River    Xin'an River

Funchun RiverXin’an River – Qiandao Lake is an extremely popular tourist itinerary. Xin’an River and Funchun River are both in the upper reaches of the Qiantang River. Xin’an River originates in Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province and passes Chun’an County to Jiande City. The river further flows eastwards to Fuyang District by way of Tonglu County and this section of the river is called Funchun River. Before the river empties itself into the East China Sea, it passes Xiaoshan and this section is called Qiantang River, which is world famous for its spectacular Qiantang River Tidal Bore, one of the three largest tidal bores in the World.

The scenic area is characterized with verdant mountains and emerald-green waters and scattered in and around the area are a wealth of historical relics. The east section of the scenic area is a great place to be at one with nature whilst the south section, boasting of Lingxi Wonderland (underground art palace) and Daci Ciff (Hanging Temple in Jiangnan Region), is suitable for science field trips and for exploring the Buddhist culture.
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