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Two Cards and a Multitude of Uses 2019-04-18
In Hangzhou there are two kinds of card, the park card and the temple card and once purchased, these two cards will allow you to visit, for free, a variety of designated parks and temples for an unlimited number of times all year round.

Park Card


With the park card you can visit Yue Fei Mausoleum, Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Peak Flying from Afar, Hupao Park, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Hangzhou Zoo, Temple to King Qians, Jade Emperor Mountain, Hangzhou Juvenile and Children's Park, Wansong Academy, Guo’s Villa, Mulanshan Tea Field and the Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi. For attractions such as Huanglong Cave, Chenghuang Tower, the Residence of Hu Xueyan and Huiyin Gaoli Temple, which are not included in the list, an additional fee is required. One card can only be used twice, at most, at the same spot per day and the card is not effective for locations like the three islands in the lake, climbing Pagoda of Six Harmonies and the West Lake Night Cruise.

To know more about these designated parks, please read on…

Historic Attractions

Yue Fei Mausoleum, Temple to King Qians, Residence of Hu Xueyan

Temple to King Qians

For history lovers, the best places to visit are Yue Fei Mausoleum, Temple to King Qians and the Former Residence of Hu Xueyan. Visit Temple to King Qians during the Lantern Festival and you will have the opportunity to watch the Lantern Festival Qianwang (King Qians) Worship Ceremony, which is a Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage, and is also the last program in Hangzhou's Spring Festival Celebrations.

Hiking and Mountain Climbing

Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Peak Flying from Afar, Jade Emperor Mountain, Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi, Chenghuang Tower

Pagoda of Six Harmonies   Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

If you love hiking and mountain climbing then the mountain area in the south of the city would certainly suit. Every route has its own characteristics. From Yuelun Mountain, behind the Pagoda of Six Harmonies, one can appreciate fine views of the Qiangtang River. The road to Peak Flying from Afar is a journey to Buddhism. From the top of Jade Emperor Mountain the scenery of Eight Diagrams Field is spread before your very eyes. The Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi is hidden in and amongst peace and tranquility, and Chenghuang Tower offers superb views of the West Lake.


Admiring Flowers

Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Guo's Villa, Mulanshan Tea Field, Hupao, Huiyin Gaoli Temple

Guo's Villa

Hangzhou Botanical Garden is suitable for admiring flowers in all seasons. At this time of the year the garden is adorned with colorful leaves and mature fruits. When winter comes, plum blossom will be seen blooming at Lingshan Peak. Flower Exhibitions will be held at Guo’s Villa, Mulanshan Tea Field and Huiyin Gaoli Temple. The camellia, expected to enter its peak blooming time at the end of the month, will be on show at Hanhui Pavilion in Hupao Park.

Family Trip

Hangzhou Juvenile and Children's Park, Hangzhou Zoo

Hangzhou Zoo

The Hangzhou Juvenile and Children's Park is located inside Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village. In addition to the recreational facilities, there is also a cultural area of osmanthus. Hangzhou Zoo is highly popular among its visitors. The adorable pandas and clever monkeys are loved especially by the younger generation.

Blind Date

Wansong Academy, Huanglong Cave

Huanglong Cave   Wansong Academy

Wansong Academy is famous for the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai and is now a blind date venue in Hangzhou. Many single people have found their true love at Wansong Academy. Huanglong Cave is another hot spot for a blind date and visitors come here for good luck in their marriage.

Temple Card

The annual temple card can be used at Lingyin Temple, Jingci Temple, Faxi Temple, Fajing Temple, Lingshun Temple, Xiangji Temple, and Wanshou Temple at Jingshan, Yuhang, along with Baopu Taoist Temple on Geling Peak. One card can only be used twice, at most, at the same spot per day.

Lingyin Temple   Jingci Temple

Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is the oldest temple in Hangzhou and preserves relics and treasures passed down from ancient times. With its back to Northern Peak and facing Peak Flying from Afar, Lingyin Temple is the place where Jigong (probably the most famous monk in China) became a monk.

Address: No. 1 Fayun Lane

Jingci Temple

The magnificence of is mirrored in its flying cornices and solemn halls. The red walls and yellow tiles set each other off magnificently. "Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill" in Jingci Temple is one of the famous Top Ten Views of the West Lake.
Address: No. 56 Nanshan Road

Faxi Temple   Taoist Temple

Faxi Temple

Located in the green valley, Faxi Temple is hidden in peace and tranquility.
Address: No. 338 Tianzhu Road

Baopu Taoist Temple

Baopu Taoist Temple was established in worship of the famous religionist, medical scientist and pharmacist, Ge Hong. This is the shrine of Taoism. The yellow wall of the monastery fuses with the shape of the mountain like a dragon and thus the wall is also known as the dragon wall.
Address: on the hillside of Precious Stone Hill

How to Apply for and Renew Your Park and Temple Card:
The 2017 Hangzhou Annual Park Card and Annual Temple Card have now gone on sale and purchases can be made until 31st October 2017. The annual park card costs 50 RMB to purchase and 40 RMB to renew, whereas the annual temple card costs 40 RMB to purchase and no card fee is charged, however if this card is lost or broken, there will be a 10 RMB replacement fee. 

There is also the half-year card which is available to purchase after July 1st 2017. The initial purchase of the half-year park card costs 30 RMB per card and 20 RMB per card for its renewal. The half-year temple card charges are 20 RMB.

Where to Apply:

Park Card:
Address: No. 61 Nanshan Road, on the south side of Roma Square, Xueshi Park
Tel: 86-571-87065409
Opening Hours: 8:30am–16:30pm all the year around

Temple Card:
The sales point is in Jingci Temple at No. 56 Nanshan Road.
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