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Beautiful Villages Dazzle the World 2019-11-06
The beauty of Zhejiang lies in its primitive and beautiful villages. Recently, Zhejiang has announced its list of “Zhejiang Beautiful Village”, which includes six counties and 100 villages / towns. Among the 100 villages/towns, 11 are situated in Hangzhou, and include the following: Qingliangfeng Town, Heqiao Town, Taihuyuan Town, Taiyang Town, Tianmushan Town, Banqiao Town in Lin’an, Fuchunjiang Town, Yaolin Town, Hecun Village, Fenshui Town and Eshan She Minority Village in Tonglu County. To see why these towns/villages have been elected, please read on …

Qingliangfeng Town

Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain

Qingliangfeng Town lies in the west section of Lin’an City and has an abundance of forest tourism resources. It is home to Daming Mountain Scenic Area, a provincial scenic area and the national natural reserve, Qingliangfeng Natural Reserve, whose highest peak reaches 1787.6 meters above sea level – the highest among all mountains in Western Zhejiang and the home to a mass of precious flora and fauna species.

Heqiao Town

Heqiao Ancient Town
Heqiao Ancient Town

Heqiao Ancient Town is the location of the old Changhua County’s government and Heqiao Ancient Street is the landmark structure of the ancient town. Paved with striped stones and cobblestones the street is five meters wide and 2000 meters long from north to south. Flanking the road side are over 100 old-fashioned stores featuring architectural elements of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic Period of China era. The street perfectly demonstrates the poetic image of “Crystal water flowing under the bridge where houses lie nearby” which is often widely depicted in poems and paintings.

Taihuyuan Town

Taihuyuan Scenic Area
Taihuyuan Scenic Area

Taihuyuan Town, whose name literally means the source of Taihu Lake, is located inside East Tianmu Mountain Natural Reserve and is praised as the “Small Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhaigou is an extremely famous nature reserve in China featuring many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped peaks)”. The forest coverage is up to 95% and it is home to an abundance of flora and fauna species, and is reputed as the haven for wild animals.

Taiyang Town

Tianmu Mountain
Tianmu Mountain

Taiyang Town is located at the foot of Tianmu Mountain. Surrounded by verdant mountains on its four sides and enhanced by layers of luscious green bamboo forests, the area is a great place in which to relax. Taiyang Town used to be called “Shuangxi (Two Streams) Intersection” because of its location at the intersection of two streams, Taoyuan Stream and Fuyuan Stream. The town reached its height in the Tang Dynasty and was later renamed “Taiyang (Sun) Town”.

Tianmu Town
It is here in Tianmu Town that the Tianmu Mountain National Natural Reserve is located. Tianmu Mountain boasts of lofty ancient trees, picturesque views, a serene environment, pleasing climate and a wealth of floral resources. Its forest landscape is known for being sprawling, ancient, rare, plentiful, stunning and wondrous, and is praised as “Nature’s Floral Park” and “King of Giant Trees.”

Banqiao Town
The forest coverage of Banqiao Town is 82.1% and it is one of the forest bases in Hangzhou that is rich in products such as bamboo shoots, tea leaves, silkworms and mulberries, with a recent addition of yellow peaches, honey peaches, kiwis and grapes.

Fuchun Town
Fuchun Town is located in the south western part of Tonglu County. Bordering Fuchun River on the east, it is a new rising star in the field of industry tourism in the golden tourist belt of Fuchun River – Xin’an River – Thousand-islet Lake.

Yaolin Town
The town is reputed as being the No. 1 Town of Huaxia (Huaxia is a historical concept representing the Chinese nation and civilization) Tourism for its number of scenic areas, including two AAAA scenic areas: the well-noted Yaolin Wonderland Scenic Area and Heavenly River and Cave, as well as Red Lantern Village and Tianmu Stream Rafting.

Hecun Village
Hecun Village is 58 kilometers from Tonglu downtown. With verdant mountains and towering ancient trees the moment you enter the village it’s like stepping into a forest park.

Fenshui Town
Back in 621 AD, Fenshui Town was named after the biggest branch of the Fuchun River – Fenshui River. Besides its blessed natural resources, the town is also well known for its local specialties such as Chinese chestnut, natural silk, hickory and traditional Chinese medicine herbs.

Eshan She Minority Village

Eshan She Minority Village in Tonglu County is the only minority residing place in northwestern Zhejiang. The residents still preserve the old lifestyle and customs of the She Minority, and the She Minority Hongqu Wine is the intoxicating fruit of the ancient she minority culture.
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