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The 4th Daming Mountain Skiing Festival Rang up the Curtain 2020-04-05

On 20th December 2013, the 4th Daming Mountain Skiing Festival rang up the curtain. The festival is held in Daming Mountain ski resort and will last until the middle of March 2014.



Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters, Daming Mountain ski resort is the highest and largest ski resort in East China. It’s known for its high mountains and lofty forests. The ski run is 1,000 meters long and 100 meters wide, with an altitude difference reaching 100 meters. The skiing zone covers an area of 70,000 square meters and can accommodate 2, 000 skiers at the same time. The resort is equipped with high-end snow pressing machines imported from Switzerland, snowmakers from Italy and America and ski equipment of highest standard etc. You will definitely have an excellent skiing experience here.



As the sole provincial level scenic area in Lin’an, the snow scenery is another draw of Daming Mountain ski resort. In such a picturesque environment, throwing snowballs or building snowmen with your friend is much more fun. In addition, during the festival, there are marvelous snow sculptures standing along the road and also sitcoms about Eskimo life available during weekends and holidays.


Tel: 86-571-63709588
Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliang Peak, Lin'an, Hangzhou (杭州市临安清凉峰镇白果村)

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