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Su Xin
No. 294 Wenyi West Road
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    Brief of Su Xin

    Su Xin is the largest vegetarian buffet in Hangzhou at present. It boasts of a wide variety of dishes and its menu changes with the season. Even if you ate at Su Xin for more than twenty days a month, you will still find something to amaze you. Even non-vegetarian people love the restaurant. In winter, Su Xin considerately provides people with delicious vegetarian hot pots! Vegetarian Buffet includes cold dishes, hot dishes, soup, staple food and snacks. Among them, there are more than 25 kinds of hot dishes, 10 kinds of cold dishes, 20 kinds of snacks, eight kinds of vegetable salads, ten kinds of porridges, and several kinds of health drinks in season, such as burdock tea, saffron tea, milk tea, soybean milk, etc.

    No. 294 Wenyi West Road 文一西路294号
    Business hours:
    11:00-13:00, 15:00-20:00
    Per capita:
    39 yuan per person

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