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Wang Run Xing ( Emperor Meal ) Restaurant
No. 103 Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
0571-87800111/ 87807823
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    Brief of Wang Run Xing ( Emperor Meal ) Restaurant

    The predecessor of Wang Runxing Restaurant is Emperor Meal. It was founded in 1934. The traditional famous dish is Fish Head Braised with Tofu.


    It is said that one time John Leighton Stuart, an “ old Hangzhou hand ” and the best American speaker of Hangzhou dialect, ordered at the Wang Run Xing Restaurant at Hefang Street: “ Make it thin, because fat messes up my stomach, you all. Gimme more spice in the beans, that’s how I likes it. Cook it up right…” his fluent use of the vernacular shocked the waiters.


    "Hunger bowl is small, fish and wine’s bowel is wide; ask the guest what is favourite, Fish Head Braised with Tofu". This is a couplet that used to hang in the Wang Run Xing Restaurant in Hangzhou. Its history can be traced back to a folk story set in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), an interesting story about Emperor Qianlong.


    Like many other similar folk tales, this one is about how the emperor came to an ordinary farmer's house for a meal, how the poor farmer cooked the leftover for the emperor, and how the emperor, so exhausted and so hungry at the end of the day, found the leftover so tasty and so wonderful.


    In early spring of one year, Emperor Qianlong came to Hangzhou from the south of the Yangtze River. Once he went on a private trip to Wushan in casual clothes. At noon, he was caught in a heavy rain and sheltered under the eaves of a family on the hillside. He was cold and hungry. He pushed the door into the room for lunch. The owner was very sympathetic. He used half of the tofu in his home to cook spinach, half of the fish heads were stewed in a casserole and served Emperor Qianlong. The hungry Emperor felt that the food was very delicious, and he still missed it when he returned to Beijing. When he came to Hangzhou for the second time, it was the Spring Festival. In order to repay the farmer for his meal, the Emperor gave money to help the farmer open a restaurant at the foot of Wushan in Hefang Street. The scholarly emperor also wrote the words " Emperor Meal (Huang Fan Er)" as the restaurant title. The farmer carefully managed and specialized in serving Fish Head Braised with Tofu and other dishes. Customers came to visit him and his business was very prosperous. Fish Head Braised with Tofu in casserole has also become an enduring traditional Hangzhou dish.
    Today, the Restaurant offers traditional Hangzhou flavored dishes. The Fish Head Braised with Tofu, the legendary dish prepared by the poor farmer and loved by the emperor, is a must for diners. Some non-Hangzhou epicures come all the way and head straight for the restaurant.


    Location: No. 103 Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
    Tel: 0571-87800111, 0571-87807823

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