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Eudora Station
No. 101-7, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
+86 571 8791 4760
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    Brief of Eudora Station

    Eudora Station is an idea wrapped in natural colors and textures. It began in Beijing in 2004 and developed in Hangzhou. "Eudora" is from the ancient Greek and means "good gift". Authentic Western cuisine, great music and drinks are available here. Eudora Station also supports live music in various styles. Whether it is rock and roll, Latin or Jazz, fine musicians are the foundation of Eudora's musical culture.

    It has four parts: main bar, open area, classic dining hall, hanging garden. Main bar is decorated with American traditional style with various kinds of activities, such bands, billiards, darts, live matches, and so on. Classic dining hall is set in the second floor and can hold 80 people and the design is changeable to the events. Hanging garden is in the open air of the third floor. Imagine sitting under the starry sky with your lover, you will have the best time in your life.

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