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Jiang Bu La Ke
No. B103, Negative First Floor of Star Phase II, the Intersect...
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    Brief of Jiang Bu La Ke

    In the far Xinjiang Province there is a place called Jiangbulake, which means the source of holy water in Kazakh language. Here the climate is comfortable throughout the year and the rich green grass and trees are extremely attractive. Jiangbulake Restaurant serves both Xinjiang and northwest cuisines.

    Nearby are the cities that the Silk Road traveled through, for example Dunhuang, Qilian Mountain, Loulan and Dawan. The combination of these familiar and beautiful cities along with meat used has created a special flavor. The original, simple, and unadorned wooden fittings keep the interior almost primitive, which has formed a delightful contrast to the bustling modern life.

    Not only has it restored the local Xinjiang charm, it has also created various exquisite and creative regional dishes. It’s the only restaurant that serves Bake Complete Sheep in Binjiang District. The sheep are cooked by experienced chefs, and when cooked the bright golden-yellow baked sheep has a tangy fresh fragrance.  

    Grilled lamb chop is another recommended dish, and also a rare dish in Hangzhou. It uses the cooking method of grilling the whole lamb chop with a layer of curry. The wonderful lamb chop tastes extremely fresh and delicious.

    The restaurant also offers the most famous dish – Xinjiang-Saute Spicy Chicken, mixed with soft and sweet potato, it tastes fantastic.

    Every week, Jiangbulake orders dried chilli, yellow radish, cumin, and yogurt from Xinjiang. Visit this restaurant and taste the succulent lamb chop and drink the pure natural yogurt and experience the true Xinjiang charms.

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