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Lakeview Hotel Chinese Restaurant
8th Floor of Lakeview Hotel, No.2 West Huancheng Road, Shangch...
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    Brief of Lakeview Hotel Chinese Restaurant

    Crabs at this time of the year are the best for making crab powder and the crab powder in Lakeview Hotel Chinese restaurant is prepared from fresh water crabs living in lakes in Jiangsu Province. The crab meat used to make the powder is picked daily and boiled for a long period of time and according to the restaurant’s secret recipe.

    Dishes flavored with crab powder are extremely savory and the hotel’s recommended dishes include: Codfish Cooked with Crab Powder, Shark’s Lip Stewed with Crab Powder and Shrimp Balls with Crab Powder, all of which offer you a novel way to taste this seasonal specialty.

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