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Huijuan Noodle Restaurant
No.130, Wangjiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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    Brief of Huijuan Noodle Restaurant

    Called the number one Wangjiang noodle restaurant, Huijuan Noodle Restaurant wins its fame because of its fine materials and private cooking methods. Many Chinese celebrities such as Liu Huan, the famous Chinese singer, came here for its reputation. This restaurants services more than 20 kinds of noodle dishes such as Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps (虾爆鳝面) and Pian’er Chuan(片儿川), while providing a variety of cheap and delicious fired dishes. It is said that its Huijuan duck seasoned with soy sauce(慧娟酱鸭)is extremely delicious.

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    No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
    TEL: 86-571-96123
    FAX: 86-571-96123
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