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Songdu Food City
No.21,Xiaojing Alley, Hefang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市河坊街小井...
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    Brief of Songdu Food City

    Whatever the season, either sheltering you from the sun during Hangzhou’s hottest months or keeping you warm during the coldest, Songdu indoor food court is a great place to sample a large variety of Hangzhou’s most popular street snacks. With around 20 food stalls on the first floor and Taiwanese food occupying the second, under one brightly coloured roof, come rain or shine you can snack away until your heart and stomach’s content.
    Recommended dishes: Crispy Fried Mini Crabs (香辣蟹), Deep Fried Bean Curd Rolls (干炸响铃), Steamed Egg Custard in Bamboo (杭式竹筒蒸蛋), Hangzhou Chicken Rolls (杭州卷鸡) and West Lake Snails Cooked in Spicy Broth (西湖大田螺).

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