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Hong Ni Garden
No.48, Xueshi Road, Hangzhou (杭州市学士路48号)
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    Brief of Hong Ni Garden

    Hongni is the epitome of a 'Hangzhou Big Restaurant'. It is massive: four floors with balconies and rooftop walks, a reputed 400 staff, 1000 settings and a huge menu showing off all of Hangzhou's favorites. Fill the table with dishes and wash it all down with a bottle or three of Yilite Liquor 38%, and you will roll out with a dinner to remember.

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    No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
    TEL: 86-571-96123
    FAX: 86-571-96123
    Complain: slw@hz.gov.cn
    Consult: slw@hz.gov.cn