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Zhi Wei Guan
No. 83, Renhe Road, Shangcheng District
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    Brief of Zhi Wei Guan

    Zhi Wei Guan is a spectacularly-situated restaurant with fantastic food. Delicacies including Gold Medal Pork, Tofu with Crab Meat and Eel Slices with Shrimp are considered must-eats. However, due to its popularity, its branches are usually packed with food-obsessed patrons from Monday to Sunday, from morning till night. Dining here can be both memorable and patience-demanding. English and picture menu are available.

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    No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
    TEL: 86-571-96123
    FAX: 86-571-96123
    Complain: slw@hz.gov.cn
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