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A Hangzhou Two-Day Summer Tour
Every bridge, every river, and every hill in Hangzhou has its uniqueness. To discover these charms and characteristics then read on to start your two-day summer tour.

Day 1
Check In: Four Seasons Hotel at West Lake, Hangzhou
The Four Seasons Hotel at West Lake is one of the most luxurious hotels in Hangzhou. It is located on the shore of the West Lake. Backing onto magical lake views, the Four Seasons Hotel is surrounded by traditional Chinese gardens and the West Lake’s fabled beauty. Its location which is close to the Botanical Garden also makes it convenient for botanists and lovers of all things floral. Set in and amongst such stunning scenery it’s easy to see why it is described as one of the most beautiful resorts in Hangzhou.

Offering unique experience: Exclusive boat arrival experience: Guests can board a boat at the pier of Beishan Road and check in on the shores of the West Lake. With rippling water and a gentle breeze, checking in has never been so relaxing…

Hotel address: No.5 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou
Day 2
Quyuan Garden → Yuhu Bay → Zhi Wei Guan ...
9:00 A.M. Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden
Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, a large garden, is themed on lotus and wine culture and is more than just a lotus pond. The layout of pavilions, terraces, and open halls in the garden is both elegant and graceful. After waking from a restful sleep and enjoying the hotel’s hearty breakfast you can, in just a few minutes, be admiring the season’s sensational lotus by wandering around the nearby Quyuan Gardens.

Tips: Tour will take about 1 hour; Free entrance. The ticket of Guo’s Villa cost 10 RMB per person.

10:30 A.M. Yuhu Bay
Yuhu bay is located at the west of West Lake and whilst it is like the West Lake, it benefits from having fewer tourists. You can take the No. 52 Bus for two or three stops from Quyuan Garden to Yuhu Bay and when you are there you can imagine you can delve deep into the jungle of Yuhu bay, whilst the outside world passes you by.

Tips: Tour will take 1.5 hours; free entrance.

At Noon: Zhi Wei Guan
Hangzhou Zhi Wei Guan is one of the most famous restaurants with a history of one hundred years, which is frequented for its local snacks. Its most famous dim sum are meat dumplings, orecchiette, vegetarian-style roasted goose and red bean with flour paste.

1:00 P.M. Viewing Fish at Flowery Pond
After enjoying the delicious feast at Zhi Wei Guan, why not walk it off until you reach the next destination, Viewing Fish at Flower Pond. Surrounded by waters on three sides and backing onto a verdant hill, Flowery Pond faces Jingci Temple across from Su Causeway. The scenery in the garden, which is strewn at random, is full of poetic and artistic sense.

Tips: Tour will take about 1 hour; Free entrance.

2:00 P.M. Touring West Lake by Boat
It is worth boarding a boat at the pier of Flowery Pond and visiting the islands of the attraction named the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. There are three islands in the West Lake, among which Mid-lake Island, where an inscription of Emperor Qianlong and Lesser Yingzhou lies, is the most visited for seeing the three pools mirroring the moon. With a gentle breeze, warm sunshine and verdant mountains at your side, gliding along the rippling waters of the tranquil lake is more than satisfying.

With the breeze, the warm sunshine and the rippling viewing of the lake and surrounding green hills, cruise wavering gently in the lake as baby lying on a rocky cradle. There are traces of fish from time to time; people will feel an indescribable comfort!

Tips: West Lake cruises come in various forms such as rowing boats, electric powered boats, self-drive boats and so on. The prices vary from one to another. You can choose anyone you like according to your preferences.

3:30 P.M. Southern Song Imperial Street
Southern Song Imperial Street can be regarded as the epitome of the whole history of the Southern Song Dynasty. This is a street that is familiar to the old citizens of Hangzhou, and embedded in every brick and tile is a deep historical sense that takes you back to the past. Typography is one of the features of this attraction, which you can see as soon as you enter the imperial street.
Food is unique in Southern Song Imperial Street; it is called “The Street of Chinese Cuisine”. More importantly, the taste of the food is local and the price is not expensive.

5:30 P.M. Hubin Intime
Adjacent to the West Lake, Hubin Intime is a good place for shopping and sampling delicious food. People will be dazzled by the endless array of shops and restaurants. As the famous food-gathering place in Hangzhou, varieties of exotic dishes from all over the world will satisfy any number of shopper’s senses.

7:45 P.M. Hangzhou, Living Poetry
The G20 Summit has let the world know about Hangzhou, and through a brilliant performance on the water - Most Memorable Is Hangzhou - audiences have been more than amazed. The “Tourism Edition” of Most Memorable Is Hangzhou reserves more than 70% of the theatrical elements of the one shown at the summit. The most popular parts like Swan Lake and Unforgettable Jasmine will be in original presentation. The performance takes the surface of the lake as its stage and applies high-tech sound and light technology to render its most memorable scenes. Numerous actors interpret the plots and reproduce the beauty of Hangzhou and its folklore.

The performance starts at 7:45 P.M and lasts for approximately 50 minutes. For purchasing tickets, one will need to show a relevant ID card.

Address: No.28 Beishan Road (just opposite to Yue Fei’s Temple and Tomb)
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