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Hangzhou Qiandao Lake - Two Day Tour
What is marvelous about Qiandao Lake (Thousand-Islet Lake) is the crystal-clear water and the 1,078 islets scattering in the lake for which it was named for. Located in Chun’an County, Qiandao Lake is two-hour drive from downtown Hangzhou. It’s the largest man-made lake in east China.

Day 1
Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake
Distance: approx. 148 kilometers
Driving Time: approx. 2.5 hours
Leisure time: approx. 2.5 hours

09:30 Diaoyu Island, Qiandao Lake
Driving to Diaoyu Island Scenic Area, you can take a yacht to cruise on the central lake area. Then, you can visit Lanyue Island, an agricultural tourist island, to appreciate “Fishing with Giant Nets”, and witness thousands of fish dance.

Diaoyu Island, located by the water area of Qiandao Lake and close to Qiandaohu Avenue, is the first recreational fishing park of China. With a large water area of 130 acres, it is the only city attraction for fishing and appreciating, eating and buying it too. It has a large well-equipped international fishing ground, accessible for fishing enthusiasts. For foodies, there is a large and extremely popular water restaurant that provides both a delicious fish feast and the best viewing position of Qiandao Lake. The restaurant covers an area of more than 4000 sq. m. and seats more than 1300 people.

12:00 Dining in Diaoyu Island Scenic Area

13:00 Diaoyu Island, Qiandao Lake
Leisure time: approx. 2.5 hours
After lunch, Qinshui Feizai Yacht is waiting for you to cruise the Qiandao Lake. Aboard the yacht, you can feel the sea’s breeze whilst also enjoying the sense of ownership in such a picturesque setting. By the sea, you can fully experience the local fishing culture, for example, fishing in the natural lake area, and watching “Gucheng Yuying (Ancient City and Fish Shadows)”, a 3D movie about fishing culture and the ancient city, which is full of knowledge, fun and culture.

14:30 Kaiyuan Resort, Qiandao Lake
Distance: approx. 7 kilometers
Driving Time: approx. 10 mins
Day 2
Qiandao Lake to Hangzhou
08:30 Breakfast buffet in the hotel
Time: approx. 30 mins

09:30 Driving to tourist dock, situated in the central area of Qiandao Lake
Distance: approx. 6 kilometers
Driving time: approx. 10 mins
Leisure time: approx. 4.5 hours

Qiandao Lake is reputed as the “best water in the world and picturesque lake” for its green mountains, clear waters, grotesque caverns and kinder than kind people. Here, more than one thousand islands are scattered casually about with no two of them being the same. It seems more like a maze than an archipelago. There are all kinds of islands replicating all kinds of landscapes, such as Baidao (One Hundred Island) lake Baihu (One hundred Lake) Island, Zhenzhu (Pearls) Island and so on.

It is said that one who fails to reach Meifengguan Archipelago is ignorant of Qiandao Lake. In other words, Meifengguan Archipelago is the best place in which to view the famous Qiandao Lake. And at first glance, Yueguang (Moonlight) Island Scenic Area, will not only capture your heart but your body and soul too. Made of five main islands –Qingyuan Garden, Yiyuan Garden, Xiyuan Garden, Heart Garden and Dream Garden, it chooses love as its theme and infuses a romantic paradise for tourists, notably couples.

12:00 Dining in the Zuiyue (Drunk Moon) Attic (after dining, keep visiting the remaining islands)
Dining time: approx. 40 mins

15:30 Driving back to Hangzhou

18:30 Arriving at Wushan Square or Hangzhou Railway Station
Distance: approx. 138 kilometers
Driving time: approx. 2.5 hours
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Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming Pool Carnival from Day to Night2019-07-15
Qiandao Lake in summer has many to offer and to enjoy the coolness of water in the lake and mountain streams are must-have. We did a thorough research ahead of time and hereby have collected a complete water fun guide of Qiandao Lake for you! Read on to learn more...
Speical Rural Scenic Area Tourist Bus is in Operation2019-07-15
Good News! In order to improve the high-speed railway connection system and promote the construction of scenic areas in the whole region, Qiandao Lake opened its direct tourist buses to rural scenic areas on July 1. That is to say, people who are at the Qiandao Lake High-Speed Railway Station can take these buses directly to such rural scenic areas as the Xiajiang Village Scenic Area, the Shilin Scenic Area and the Jiangjia Scenic Area. These three routes pass through Fengshuling Town, Lishang Township, Shilin Town, Jieshou Village and Jiangjia Town. It will be more convenient for tourists to reach these scenic areas.
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