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Fantastic Trip to Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration...
Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion, located in Qiaoxi Historic Street, is a treasure trove of traditional Chinese arts and crafts, such as Purple Sand Pottery, Hangzhou Hand Embroidery, paper-cutting, oilpaper umbrella...

Day 1
Fantastic Trip to Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion
Venue: Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion

Time:9:00—17:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

Hangzhou’s Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion, located in Qiaoxi Historic Street beside the Grand Canal, is a treasure trove of traditional Chinese arts and crafts. 

Witnessing at first hand artisans dedicating their time and skills to purple sand pottery, Hangzhou hand-embroidery, paper-cutting, sericulture & silk craftsmanship, eggshell carving, embroidered shoes and Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, will in no doubt get your creative juices flowing.  .

So if time allows, simply roll up your sleeves and get stuck into any of China’s traditional, eye-catching, exquisitely created and worldly recognised crafts.

Consultation Hotline: 86-571-88197508 86-571-85278331-8331

Get in by Bus

Bus No. 70, No. 61 or No. 591 bus --Get off at Taizhou Crossing--Pass Gongchen Bridge--Turn left for 300 meters

Bus No. 79 or No. 129 –Get off at West of Gongchen Bridge Station--Cross Gongchen Bridge--Turn left for 300 meters

Get in by Water Bus

Gongchen Bridge Station--Pass Gongchen Bridge---Turn left for 300 meters.

Hands-on Activities of Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion

Name Description Price (RMB)
Leathercraft皮雕 Key ring 20 RMB/person
Cup coaster 35 RMB/person
DIY leathercraft hairpin 45 RMB/hairpin
Fabrication of oiled paper umbrella油纸伞制作 Fabrication of 8-inch oiled paper umbrella 50 RMB/umbrella
Fabrication of 5-inch oiled paper umbrella 40 RMB/umbrella
Paper-cut剪纸 Use scissors and graver, turn ordinary paper into an artwork 20 RMB/person
3D decoration of baby rabbit宝贝兔立体装饰 Draw whatever you like on its body, and dress it up 40 RMB/person
Personalized paining of baby rabbit宝贝兔个性绘制 Design your own unique baby rabbit! 30 RMB/person
Ceramic art experience activity Kneading model 35 RMB/piece 陶艺体验活动 Kneading model 35 RMB/piece
Firing 10 RMB/piece
Qiantang memory钱塘记忆 Hand painted key ring 15 RMB/set
Hand painted bracelet 15 RMB/set
Over-glaze decoration釉上彩绘 Cup 35 RMB/piece
Dish 35 RMB/piece
Bowl 50 RMB/piece
Firing 10 RMB/person
Molding 60 RMB/hour
Fabrication of polymer clay软陶制作 Make it into different shapes, and reinforce it with electric baking. Interesting. 25 RMB/person
Painting on fans扇面绘画 Painting teaching of round fan 20 RMB/person
Painting teaching of folded fan 30 RMB/person
Teaching experience of pen painting 20 RMB/person
Manual frog/coiled button手工盘扣 “Back-to-the-ancients” is fashionable now. Let’s have a try! 10 RMB/person
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