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A Trip to Buddhism
Hangzhou Buddhism started from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, boomed in the Five Dynasties and prospered in the Southern Dynasty. Jingshan Temple, Lingyin, Jingci and Tianzhu Three Temples, in Hangzhou, all lead the rest of “Five Mountains and Ten Temples” of three branches of Buddhism. Now, more and more travelers appreciate the calmness brought by Buddhism. If you are one of them, then the following tour is for sure worth a visit.

Day 1
Day One
On the evening of day one, travelers arrive at the lakeside of the dazzling West Lake and head to the hundred-year-old restaurant – Zhi Wei Guan • Weizhuang to enjoy the local dishes of Hangzhou.
Day 2
Day Two
Starting from the foot of the mountain, travelers can walk through the charming shaded paths and head to Hangzhou Buddhism College, which is inside Fajing Temple (Middle Tianzhu Temple). Hangzhou Buddhism College is a high-end Buddhism college based on academics and characterized by art features. Inside the college, visitors can experience meditation, taste Buddhism tea and think of the future in a calmer state of mind.

NB: the college is currently not open to the public. However, if you make a reservation in advance, the collegewill arrange visitation and culture exchange activities.

Afterwards, head to Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village to experience the picking and making of Longjing tea and to sample the simplest life style of the villagers.

In the afternoon, enjoy a special afternoon tea in Hangzhou Chaptel Hotel, during which one can hire a boat on the West Lake and enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery while savoring many refreshments and drinks.
Day 3
Day Three
08: 00
In the morning, one can head to Jingshan Temple located on Jingshan Mountain in Jingshan Town in Yuhang District. The temple has a history of over 1200 years andis the head of the five temples of Zhejiang, which are respectively Lingyin Temple and Jingci Temple in Hangzhou, Tiantong Temple (天童寺) and Yuwang Temple (育王寺) in Ningbo.

Here, you can piously pay respect to Buddha, experience handwriting Buddhism scripture and taste Jingshan tea to learn about the age-old history of Chinese Buddhism. When it’s time to have lunch, you can savor the vegetarian food commonly consumed by the monks in the temple.

In the afternoon, on the way to Hangzhou, head to Liangzhu Cultural Village, Liangzhu Cultural Relics and Museum to really dig into the past.
Day 4
Day Four
In the morning, you can stroll along Su Causeway and Beishan Road to look back to your two-day Buddhism experience while immersing yourself in the enchanting scenery of the West Lake.

In the afternoon, you can travel to the Southern Song Official Kiln Museum, China’s first kiln-themed museum ever built on the ancient kiln site. Here, you can appreciate the exquisite ceramics, the unearthing site of the official kiln and the original dragon-shaped ancient kiln as well as try your hands at shaping clay to experience the technique and skills of making ceramics.
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