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Explore 5 Museums in 12 Hours
Kick off our day by visiting Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum, which is restored from Honglei Silk Weaving Factory. Then, we appreciate the mien of Hangzhou industrial arts. After that, check China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum and China Umbrella Museum to see traditional Chinese weapons, their varied forms and usages.

Day 1
Explore 5 Museums in 12 Hours
A number of remarkable museums border Hangzhou’s Grand Canal and each showcases the history of some of China’s most renowned artifacts. Spending a day here by the canal, you can soak up a number of exhibitions overflowing in culture, history and arts and crafts.

The Canal Museum at Cultural Square displays thousands of cultural relics and historic data relating to this ingenious man-made waterway. The China Umbrella Museum storms up a colourful exhibition of China’s much-loved weather accessory while the China Knives, Scissors and Swords Museum cuts deep into the history of three of China’s most traditional weapons.  

Other noteworthy displays are held at the Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum, formerly known as the Honglei Silk Weaving Factory and at the China Fan Museum where you will gently breeze through the history and fame of one of Hangzhou’s traditional crafts.

Once you have learnt all about the history of Hangzhou’s most famous artifacts and crafts it is time to head to Hangzhou’s Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion. Voted by children of all ages as the most popular site for arts and crafts, this hub of creativity not only showcases but also shares the skills of its talented craftsmen and women.
Venue: Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum (China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum, China Umbrella Museum and China Fan Museum)

Time: 9:00—16:00 Tuesday to Sunday. It takes about 3—3.5 hours.

Consultation Hotline: 86-571-88197508 

Get in by Bus
Bus No. 70, No. 61 or No. 591 bus --Get off at Taizhou Crossing--Pass Gongchen Bridge--Turn left for 300 meters
Bus No. 79 or No. 129 –Get et off at West of Gongchen Bridge Station--Cross Gongchen Bridge--Turn left for 300 meters

Get in by Water Bus
Gongchen Bridge Station--Pass Gongchen Bridge---Turn left for 300 meters. 
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