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2 Days Hangzhou and Shaoxing Tour
Hangzhou and Shaoxing are two nearby cities both with deep cultural antecedents. When, after touring in Hangzhou, you find you still have sufficient time for a nearby destination then Shaoxing can be added to the schedule. Shaoxing is famous as the birthplace of the well-known Chinese writer Lu Xun who occupies an important position in Chinese literature history. The attractions worth visiting in Shaoxing include the Former Residence of Lu Xun and Jianhu Lake.

Day 1
West Lake – Lingyin Temple
At 9 am, you will leave the hotel and  head to West Lake Scenic Area. Starting from No. 1 Lakeside Park, you will tour around the West Lake from south to north and east to west. You can take a boat on the lake to visit the famous Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and Mid-lake Pavilion. Then you will be led to Broken Bridge, take a walk on Bai and Su causeways, climb the Solitary Hills and visit Viewing Fish at Flower Pond. 

Then you will have lunch at noon. After lunch and a rest, continue on to visit Lingyin Temple.

Lingyin Temple was founded in 328 AD, and is the most celebrated place of interest around West Lake and one of the top ten Buddhist temples of China. It has the well-known Peak Flying from Afar in front and is backed by Northern Peak. Today the temple is a thriving destination for both pilgrims and tourists. Lingyin Temple includes many ancient pagodas and Buddhist grottoes. Buddhism culture is deeply combined with nature. 

After the tour, you will be back to hotel at about 5 pm.
Day 2
Former Residence of Lu Xun
At 9 am, you will leave the hotel for Shaoxing City. Upon arrival, visit the Former Residence of Lu Xun located in the downtown area. 

It is the place where Lu Xun was born and grew up. He lived here until he went abroad to study. When he returned home to teach in a local school, he also lived here. As a chief commander of China's Modern Cultural Revolution, a great thinker and revolutionist, Lu Xun is seen as a vital person in Chinese modern history.

The Former Residence of Lu Xun, Zhou Family New Tai Door, is a large Taimen building. The scale and structure are mostly the same as the old Taimen. The New Tai Door is situated in the north and faces south with grey tiles. It has over 80 rooms and covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters including the Hundred Grass Garden. To the east of the residence is the Three Flavor Study, a private school that Lu Xun attended during his childhood. Hundred Grass Garden is in the rear of the house, where Lu Xun spent his childhood. The article "From Hundred Grass Garden to Three Flavor Study written by Lu Xun" describes Hundred Grass Garden as his paradise. Through many years Lu Xun’s residence didn’t change much and the house is still displayed in its original order.

After the tour return to Hangzhou.
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