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Avoid the Heat and Find Summer Fun in Hongyuan Garden of Xixi 2020-06-24

The scorching summer has arrived. The treasured land, Hongyuan Garden appears extraordinarily refreshing and refined in the concrete jungle and brings coolness to everyone in the hot summer. Today, Hangzhou Culture and Tourism will show you how to have the most fun in Hongyuan Garden during the summer heat.

01. Greenway

Recommended time to visit: early morning
Venue: behind the homestay “Long Time No See (好久不见)”

In the early morning of summer, take the family to the greenway of Hongyuan Garden to take a walk, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the company of streams and lush green trees. People tend to feel more relaxed in a natural and tranquil environment. At this time of the year, the sun is not hot, and it is most suitable for a stroll.

02. Dongguan Lotus Pond

Recommended time to visit: morning
Venue: area of Dongguan Lotus Pond, Hongyuan Garden

The morning sunlight is just right, and the temperature is not high. Visitors who prefer the scenery of the lotus pond really shouldn’t miss this spot. Visitors can view lotus flowers up close on the wooden plank road; overlook the lotus pond on the Buyun Pagoda (步云塔) and see greenery everywhere; or savor tea and eat snacks at Hejingxuan Hall (荷净轩) to enjoy the pleasant time!

03. Qiantang Distinguished Family

Recommended time to visit: noon
Venue: next to Hong Family Ancestral Hall at the entrance of Hongyuan Garden

When it's the hottest time of the day, it is best to visit the cool Qiantang Distinguished Family. The Qiantang Distinguished Family has recorded the history of the Hong Family, where men of talent come out in succession. It is said that the Hong Family produced three prime ministers in the Song Dynasty and five ministers in the Ming Dynasty. The then prosperity was like a dream and when you walk in the Jiangnan gardens and village ancestral halls, you can deeply feel the profound history and clan culture.

04. Hong's Mansion

Recommended time to visit: afternoon
Venue: the battery car pick-up point of Hongyuan Garden

In the afternoon, you can visit Hongyuan Garden's opera corridor and Jiaoyuan Garden (蕉园), as if entering the world of "Peach Blossom Fan". You can also head to the library building and Qingping Mountain Hall, where Hong Pian once worked hard to fulfill his dream of printing books. It is full of meaning and endless aftertaste.

05. Guanyin Jingshe

Recommended time to visit: afternoon
Venue: Guanyin Jingshe on Fudi Causeway (寿堤)

In the afternoon, people are usually most gloomy and bored. It’s recommended to come to Guanyin Jingshe, a treasured place that is near the downtown area but manages to retain its tranquil and rustic charm like a hidden forest, to feel the ease of life like a hermit. There is a pool in the place, and its name is Qibao (Seven Treasures) Lotus Pond; and there is a pavilion named Wuxin (无心: No Heart) in the pool, which is the name of the owner of the place. With clouds embracing the mountain, fish swimming freely among lotuses, all things in this small place have their characteristics.

06. Jing Yuan Fang Gu Ancient Street

Recommended time to visit: evening
Venue: the entrance of Wujiawan (邬家湾) Parking Lot

As night falls, the heat dissipated. At this time, everything seems hazy in dim light. After a day of touring, you can taste some special food on the Jing Yuan Fang Gu Ancient Street of Hongyuan Garden. After eating and drinking, take a stroll around. With the summer wind blowing, the stars shining, the air is full of warmth and romance, and the light seen here and there at this time are the most soothing!

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