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​Chinese New Year Special | Qiandao Lake Luxury Cruise 2020-01-22

When visiting Qiandao Lake, a boat cruise around Qiandao Lake is a must-have on your to-do list. You can sit on the comfortable and spacious cabin to watch outside verdant mountains and emerald-green water through the large windows, or look into the distance on the deck over the railing, or land on an island to have a panoramic view of the wondrous scene of thousands of islands scattered around the lake. During the Chinese New Year, the Qiandao Lake boat cruise stays available and a wide variety of boat cruises are up for your selection, including luxury leisure boat cruise, Qiandao Lake night cruise, Urban Lake Chinese New Year’ Eve Dinner, the Southeast Zone Sightseeing Tour … bringing you a unique Chinese New Year.


Luxury Leisure Cruise


“Earl” Luxury Cruise Ship


As the largest and only inland river cruise ship in Qiandao Lake, the “Earl” is the first choice for countless tourists.


Itinerary (January 26 to 29, 2020) :

08:00 Attractions: Meifeng Island + Moonlight Island (free Business Chinese lunch)

10:20 Attractions: Longshan Island + Moonlight Island (free Business Chinese lunch)


Dream 02 Luxury Cruise Ship


Dream 2 is a modern three-story luxury cruise ship, suitable for family leisure / elderly / tourists with children, with neat hull lines, simple shape and modern interior decoration. It is very popular among young tourists.


Itinerary (January 25 to 29, 2020) :

10:00 Attraction: Meifeng Island (including Chinese buffet lunch)

14:00 Attraction: Meifeng Island (without meals)


Note: Starting from January 30, 2020, the cruise ship will only operate at 10 am every day


“Qian Lv Zhi Xing” Painted Pleasure Boat


As you can see, “Qian Lv Zhi Xing” is a model of the classic Chinese painted pleasure boat. One is with "blue and white porcelain" as the key note, while the other is golden and glorious. If you love the classic Chinese style, they should suit your taste.


Itinerary (January 26th to January 29th):

10:30 Attraction: Meifeng Island (free Chinese buffet lunch)

14:30 Attraction: Meifeng Island (without meals)


Qiandao Lake Night Cruise


Cruising Qiandao Lake at night, feel the poetic image of the city accompanied by verdant mountains and emerald-green water in the twilight, savoring Chinese buffet dinner of local characteristics and watching the dazzling night shows … These will definitely capture your heart.


Itinerary (January 25 to 30, 2020) :

18:00 Program: Spring Festival special performance (free buffet dinner)


Urban Lake Area New Year’s Eve Dinner


The New Year's Eve dinner cruise features the scenery of Qiandao Lake at night and Qiandao Lake traditional boat feast. The dishes are prepared from the local products of Qiandao Lake. You can celebrate Chinese New Year with your family in the dim lights while overlooking the town houses. Daily catering is limited, reservations are recommended.

Tip: You can also book tea ceremony and live performance of folk music in the cruise boat.


Central Lake Area Sightseeing Cruise


Operation Mode: "One boat to the end, on-site scheduling"


Operating route:

08:00-10:30: Meifeng Island, Yule Island, Moonlight Island

12:00-13:00: Meifeng Island, Longshan Island


Note: If there are changes during operation, the on-site arrangement of the terminal shall prevail.

Central Lake District Consulting Tel: +86 571 64816244


Southeast Lake Area Sightseeing Tour


Operation Mode: "One boat to the end, on-site scheduling"


Operating route:

08: 00-09: 00: Huangshanjian, Osmanthus Island, Tianchi Island (about 7 hours)

09: 30-10: 30: Tianchi Island, Mishan Island, Huangshan Peak (about 6 hours)

12: 00-13: 00: Osmanthus Island, Huangshan Peak, (about 4 hours)


Note: If there are changes during operation, the on-site arrangement of the terminal shall prevail.

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