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Aromas of Wine in Hangzhou 2020-01-10
The wine culture of China is of long standing. Although Hangzhou is the Capital of Tea, tea and wine have together been used as gifts given to the elders and the superiors in China since ancient times. Wine can bring all sorts of people together; wine can bring some kind of happiness to the mundane routine of people's life, and wine can bring comfort to people’s hearts.  So where do the aromas of wine in Hangzhou come from?

Banquet and Wine

In the Southern Song Dynasty, people in Hangzhou, the then capital, enjoyed drinking even more than the Han and Tang dynasties. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou people drank wine by rounds. They drank wine according to age starting with the eldest and ending with the youngest, which is called a round. A banquet usually includes drinking wine and counting rounds.

Back then, when proposing a toast, the practice of “Zhan Jia (蘸甲)”, that is, dipping fingers into the wine and then flick wine drops into the air to show respect, was very popular. If people are high, they’d compose poems, dance, play drinking games and do other interesting activities to bring the banquet to a climax.

West Lake and Wine

Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden is located on the west side of West Lake and is one of the best places to view lotus flowers in Hangzhou. During the Southern Song Dynasty, there is an official wine workshop, which took water from Jinsha Gully (金沙涧) to make wine. In early summer, when the cool breeze blows, the fragrance of lotus flowers is mixed with the fragrance of wine, truly tantalizing. To show the historical and cultural characteristics of “Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden”, the Southern Song Wine Culture Park was built inside the “Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden”.

The renovated wine culture park is called the “Imperial Wine Workshop”, which is used to display ancient wine-making culture and a wide variety of wine-related utensils. Through scene restoration, murals, sculptures and micro landscapes, the workshop shows people the procedures of making imperial wine, the imperial court wine banquet, taverns, wine contests, etc. Here, you can learn about Hangzhou’s age-long wine-making history and the abundant wine culture connotation since the Southern Song Dynasty.

Bar and Wine


2100club is a blockchain-themed bar. It integrates the novelty and the old, history and modernity. The décor used inside are of modern style, while the building itself is quaint. The inner space extends naturally into the outer space, making people feel very relieved. The extending bar, wavy ceiling and ever-changing starry sky lights create a unique visual experience, leading us to explore every corner of the bar. Here, the developing history of the blockchain is told, triggering the nerves of blockchain adventurers and highlighting their ambition.

Address: C2-23 Slow Life Block, the north gate of Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪国家湿地公园北门慢生活街区C2-23

Zemoo is a music bar. On both sides of the entrance stand tidy wine shelves with wine bottles lying there beautifully, attracting attention of passers-by. There are also small and interesting decorative items, providing great backgrounds for your selfies. Antiqueness, simplicity and fashion subtly coexist in Zemoo. In the gentle background music, drinking some wine or sitting for a while, you will find time slows down in the Zemoo.

Address: 3 Baochu North Road  保俶北路3号
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From March 20, Xixi Wetland Will Open Online Booking!2020-03-24
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