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Seek Seclusion in Hangzhou's Jiangnan Water Town 2020-01-10
The place features mountains and villages co-exist with nature. It is like an elegant Jiangnan girl … and the place is called Lin’an.

Tuankou Town 湍口镇

Tuankou is full of blooming flowers in spring, sweltering sun in summer, rich fruits in autumn and great snow scenery in winter. The typical scenery of Jiangnan Water Town is all there to see.

Tuankou Town is home to the most number of intangible cultural and historical heritages in Lin’an and has long been a precious place surrounded by mountains and passing through by rivers since ancient times. Here, ancient precious trees are scattered around the town and historical relics can be found almost everywhere, among which the most amazing one is the mouth of Ludi Spring (芦荻泉), one of Top Four Ancient Hot Springs in Zhejiang.

Tuankou Hot Spring has a history of 1,200 years and was known as “Tianmushan Hot Spring” in ancient times. Here, the over 60 hot spring pools enveloped by mist blend in naturally with the surrounding environment. Here, a large area of Southeastern Asian-style buildings is surrounded by bright-colored flowers, which, compared with nearby grasslands and residential houses, can be described as extremely sumptuous.

The hot spring contains an abundance of minerals and is also high-quality mineral water. It is beneficial to the human body whether you choose to bathe in it or drink it. In winter, the stretch of emerald-green water against a backdrop of verdant mountains and lush green forest, appears exceptionally charming. To soak in the hot spring quietly can give you a feeling of seclusion and peace.

Whenever winter comes, “Suo Mian (索面)”, the complex yet tasty noodle dish will then appear on the dining table of Changhua farmhouses. The threadlike noodles hang down from high wooden racks and resemble threads of silver wires shining in bright sunshine.

Suo Mian has a history of over one thousand years and is the standard breakfast on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year, which symbolizes a healthy life and longevity. The topping for San Mian in Sanlian Village (三联村) must be paired with the most distinctive bamboo shoots to be perfect.

Address: Tuankou Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou 杭州市临安区湍口镇

Longmen Mysterious Land 龙门秘境

If you have experienced the swanking individuality of the Wuzhen Town and have seen the poetic scenery of Tangxi Town, you might be more interested in this mysterious land hidden among mountains of Zhejiang. It is Longmen Mysterious Land in Gaohong Town (高虹镇), Lin’an District.

Longmen Mysterious Land is one of the Top Ten Village-type Scenic Areas of Lin’an District. The forest coverage of the village exceeds 90 percent and it features verdant mountains, crystal-clear water and abundant historical and cultural relics. The antiqueness and simplicity of Shimen Village (石门村), the perseverance of Longshang Village (龙上村) and the mystery of Dashan Village (大山村) have vividly shown the characteristics of Longmen Mysterious Land.

Shimen Village used to a post-style distribution center for passengers and merchants to stop and do business on Hangzhou-Huizhou Ancient Road and Hangzhou-Suzhou Ancient Road. The existing old stores, residential houses, bluestone slab roads, pebble paths, etc. have all witnessed the old times when merchants gathered here. In the Niangao (New Year rice cake) shop on the old street of Shimen Village, the freshly-handmade Niangao gives off steam. One bite of it and its faint salty taste occupies the oral capacity. It tastes soft and resilient, making it a favorite winter delicacy in the heart of foodies.

■ Different from the elegance and delicacy of Shimen Village, Longshang Village shows a perseverant temperament. The 696-meter-high Shizi (Lion) Mountain is well-known in the rock climbing circle for its unique natural rock, and there are rock-climbing enthusiasts both in China and abroad coming here all year round. Fondling the ridge with both hands and measuring the land with footsteps, the spirit of revolutionary martyrs seem to have remained here and never gone far. In winter, under the nourishment of frost, dew, cloud and fog, chrysanthemum bloom on this fertile land with dazzling golden color.

■ Dashan Village is in the deepest part of Longmen Mysterious Land, which adds more mysterious charm to the village. Ancient wood buildings, carved wood windows … all narrate the glorious past of the mountain village. The scalar terrace fields in Linjiatang Village (林家塘) are stacked on each other. Smoke is seen curling up from the houses in the depths of dense forests, contrasting well with remote mountains, white clouds and village houses.

Address: Longmen Mysterious Land, Gaohong Town, Lin’an District 临安区高虹镇龙门秘境

Qin Shan Lan Wan 琴山蓝湾

Here, there is picturesque seasonal scenery, fresh all-fish family banquet … The 42.195-kilometer-long greenway around the lake has become a popular place for people to relax after meals. There is a lakeside sightseeing pavilion on the plank road, which features white walls and black tiles, full of Jiangnan style. Looking outside from window lattice made of tiles, you will see the scene of trees growing in water, boats sailing among trees, birds chirping in the trees and people resembling traveling in a painting.

There is also a large lawn, a must-have for a picnic and an exotic leisure block suitable for some leisure time and a photo or two. As people often say, make good use of local resources. People live near the Qingshan Lake (青山湖) make great fish dishes. Bream fish cooked with shallots, sawbelly cooked with chili sauce, loach and chicken pot, Qingshan Lake fish hot pot, salt pork with spring bamboo shoots … The bamboo shoot dishes and the fish feast of Jiangnan Region have made countless foodies salivate.

Address: Qin Shan Lan Wan Village-style Scenic Spot, Qingshanghu Street, Lin’an District 临安区青山湖街道琴山蓝湾村落景区

Shangtian Village 上田村

Shangtian Village is located at the junction of Lin’an, Fuyang and Yuhang Districts. It is a village with the most complete and best-preserved Qian’s clan culture of Lin’an District. It features picturesque scenery, simple and honest folk custom, outstanding talents, blessed land as well as profound historical and clan culture.

Culture is the pride of Shangtian people. In the village, every household preserves the tradition of practicing martial arts and knows the skill in wielding the 18 kinds of weapons. They also love calligraphy and every one of them, male or female, young or old, is good at calligraphy. They inherited King Qian’s demeanors of being adept both with the pen and the sword and form the unique characteristics of the village.

Address: Shangtian Village, Lin’an District 临安区板桥镇上田村
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