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Fresh Strawberry Picking Spots 2020-01-10
For foodies, winter without strawberries is like summer without watermelons, which is unacceptable. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries is simply irresistible to foodies. There are many good strawberry picking gardens in Yuhang District of Hangzhou where you can not only enjoy the fun of strawberry-picking but also taste the mouth-watering fruits.

Lv Ying·Cao Mei Jun Theme Farm 绿鹰•草莓君主题农场

Lv Ying· Cao Mei Jun Theme Farm is located in Wukeng Village, Yunhe Block (运河街道五杭村), on the banks of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It covers an area of 108 mu (1 mu is roughly equal to 666 sq m) and is the largest rack-grown strawberry cultivation base in East China.

Lv Ying·Cao Mei Jun Theme Park uses the high-end technology rack cultivation method and the main strawberry varieties in the park are *Yue Xin (越心), which has won the title of Gold Medal Strawberry Variety for four consecutive years, and *Hong Yan (红颜). The park also brings in rare strawberry varieties that enjoy wide popularity in Japan, Dan Xue (淡雪) and Xue Tu (雪兔).

*Yue Xin is a heart-shaped strawberry variety selected and cultivated by the Horticultural Research Institute of Zhejiang Academy of Agriculture and Science.
*Hong Yan is a Japanese hybrid strawberry variety.

Note: Children under the height of 1 m are free of charge and children between the heights of 1m to 1.2 m can enjoy half price off. It’s not allowed to eat strawberries while picking and violators will be fined.
Address: 1, Dongming Road, Wuhang Village, Yunhu Block (运河街道五杭村东明路1号)
Telephone: +86 571 86166661

Yun Qian Science and Technology Strawberry Garden 耘阡科技草莓园

Yun Qian Science and Technology Strawberry Garden is located in Mojiaqiao Village (莫家桥村), Tangxi Town (塘栖镇). It introduces Japanese rack and substrate cultivation technology, and uses delicacy management. The garden is tidy and clean, and the strawberries grown here are sweet and palatable, which can be eaten without washing. The garden guarantees that zero hormone and swelling agent is being used.

Address: Mojiaqiao Village, Tangxi Town, Yuhang District (余杭区塘栖镇莫家桥村)
Note: The garden is open for free, but visitors are not allowed to eat the strawberries, however, children are allowed to taste one or two.

Kang Chun Nong Strawberry Garden 康春侬园草莓园

Kang Chun Nong Strawberry Garden is located in Yiqiao Village, Yuhang Street (余杭街道义桥村). The garden is located at the source of Xixi Stream, near the stretching range of Tianmu Mountain, at the southernmost end of the old Grand Canal and the southeast foot of Niangniang Mountain (娘娘山), near the outstation of Yu the Great when he tamed the flood.

The strawberry garden is 10 mu. Featuring dense forest, straight bamboo forest and fertile soil, it faces water and is backed by mountains, enjoying an advantageous environment. The main strawberry variety grown here is Hong Yan, which tastes fresh, sweet and juicy with a strong fragrance.

Address: Kangcun Village, Yiqiao Village, Yuhang Block, Yuhang District (余杭区余杭街道义桥村康村)
Telephone: +86 18268187022

Tang Bei Xian Guo Strawberry Garden 塘北鲜果草莓园

Tang Bei Xian Guo Strawberry Garden is located at Tangbei Village, Tangxi Town, Yuhang District. It is a modern agriculture park and Children & Youth Science Popularization Base of Yuhang District.

The area of the garden is 10 mu and features mainly Hong Yan strawberry variety and Zhang Ji strawberry variety. The garden applies delicacy management and pays great attention to the quality of strawberries and safe production. The strawberries it produces are fresh, succulent, bright in color and strong in fragrance.

Address: Tangbei Village, Tangxi Town, Yuhang District (余杭区塘栖镇塘北村)
Telephone:+86 13805775213

Strawberry Picking Tips

1. The temperature inside the strawberry picking greenhouse is usually about ten degrees higher than the outside. So wear your clothes accordingly.
2. When picking, please be gentle with the strawberries. The right way to pick strawberries is to grasp the stem just above the berry between forefinger and the thumbnail and snap it off, never to pull it.
3. Try not to wear high heels when picking strawberries, it is recommended to wear sports shoes.
4. Medium-size strawberries taste better than big ones, and dark red strawberries taste better than light red ones.
5. Strawberry pollination relies on bees, so when picking strawberries, you will inevitably encounter small bees collecting honey. Everyone should pay attention to safety.
6. Winter is the peak season for strawberry picking and it is recommended to travel early on weekends to avoid congestion.
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