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Qian Dao Le Trampoline, the First Choice of Winter Exercise 2019-11-29
With cold wind blowing, winter has arrived. In such cold weather, there are a lot of ways to keep warm besides wearing warm clothes, but the most fun one is definitely jumping and sweating on a trampoline in Qian Dao Le Trampoline Theme park (千岛乐蹦床主题乐园).

The Qian Dao Le Trampoline Theme Park covers an area of over 10,000 sq m and takes six months to build. It is an international high-standard internet-famous trampoline project and is the largest trampoline theme park with the most advanced equipment and the most professional coaching team in the region of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Whether it’s a party for friends, a date for couples, a team-building project for companies or a hangout place for all, all can be arranged here.

The trampoline park has dozens of themed play areas with 24 exciting projects, bringing a brand new sensory experience to people aged from 3 to 50!

→ We have super large and free-style trampolines, the most advanced equipment and the most professional coaching team.

→ We have thrilling devil slides, breakthrough zones, and athletic experience zones.

→ We have dunk trampolines that release hormones infinitely, brave climbers, rocking Optimus Prime and spider towers.

→ We have the lucky turntable, the non-stop slide, and the dry snow slide to get your heart racing.

→ We have a kid-friendly naughty castle

▲Bubble Basketball

▲Dry Snow Slide

If you haven’t tried snow skiing before, why not start with the dry snow slide in Qian Dao Le Trampoline Theme Park?

▲High-altitude Quincuncial Piles

Climb to the highest point at one go, and then jump straight down, that moment, you are the bravest person in the world!

▲Children’s Naughty Castle

Curve slides, rainbow slides, soft ocean balls … there are many fun things to do here to stimulate children’s nature of loving adventure and exploration.

We are trying to keep pace with the trend and never miss any festival celebrations. Just recently, we have hosted a Halloween-themed event, which has been unanimously recognized. Comfortable environment, trendy internet-famous decoration style and considerate coaches ... Qian Dao Le is committed to doing a good job in every detail, just to create a comfortable and happy experience for every customer.

Maybe your workday is defined by a pile of endless files, or strings of mysterious codes, but your weekend must be warm enough to not let hardships and setbacks take away the good in your heart. There is a place called Qian Dao Le Trampoline Theme Park that will make you feel warm!

Qian Dao Le Trampoline Theme Park

Contact: +86 571 65062168

Cell Phone: +86 13216161225

Address: 28 Yunshan Road, Pingshan Industrial Park, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇坪山工业园区云山路28号

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