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Capture the Beauty of Jinfeng Town, Qiandao Lake 2019-12-04

It’s a common knowledge that autumn and winter are off-seasons for tourism, but it's not the case with Jinfeng Town, Qiandao Lake, which has attracted a large number of people to come and visit just recently. Some of them are photography masters from all over the world, while others are tourists who can't resist its beauty. They, without exception, used their cameras to capture one after another beautiful scene of Jinfeng Town.

▲ Photo by Xu Jianhong

Recently, Wu Zongqi, the Chairman of Zhejiang Photographers Association and Chairman of Hangzhou Photographers Association, personally led more than 30 photographers from Hangzhou to Baizhao Village, Zhujia Village and other places to carry out a series of creative photography activities. Jinfeng Town seems to have become a paradise for photographers.


▲ Photo by Yu Bin

Baizhao Village of Jinfeng Town in late autumn is extremely breathtaking. Trees on the mountain are dyed red by autumn wind and are sandwiched between verdant mountain forests, forming an oil painting-like scenery.


▲ Photo by Zheng Zulin

The warm sun shines brightly on the oil-painting scenery, making the white-walled and black-tiled village particularly tranquil and peaceful. 


▲ Photo by Wu Junhong


▲ Photo By Wang Gang

When visiting Baizhao Village, the one thing you shouldn’t miss is to watch the sunrise. These photography masters went up to the top of the mountain at four o’clock eagerly waiting for the sun to rise.


▲ Photo by Wu Weisheng


▲ Photo by Ye Yong Sheng

Ginger is the main color of late autumn when the sun is warm, but with a slight coldness. At this time, the industrious villagers would grasp the opportunity to dry sweet potatoes, red pepper, etc. in the sun, adding more colors to the serene village scene.

Late Autumn Tourist Routes Recommendations

◎ Set off from Qiandaohu Town the night before along Shanbai Road (山百线), stay the night at a B&B in Baizhao Village, or camp at the Baizhao Village Sightseeing Platform; 

◎ Leave for Baizhao Village Sightseeing Platform the next morning at four or five o’clock to  view the sunrise, fog views, and shoot photos along the way; 

◎ Head to Zhujia Village at about 9 am, visit Zhu's Ancestral Hall, Zhu’s Neo-Confucianism Culture Exhibition Hall, dine at the B&B in Zhujia Village at noon, visit Chinese Bee Keeping Farm or Everbright Environmental Protection Education Base in the afternoon, stay in Jinfeng Town at night, and tour around the lake along the tourist path or photography-themed cultural square.

What are you waiting for? Take your camera and head to Baizhao Village







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