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In-Depth Tour of Hangzhou | Quality Experience Points 2019-11-04
Recently, the special event "Public Opinion Direct Access • Citizen Experience" and 2019 Hangzhou Citizen Experience Day was launched. A total of 325 sites were collected to be evaluated this year. After more than three months of collection, experience and review, the 2019 Hangzhou "Golden City Award" experience points and "quality experience points" were selected.

01  Tonglu Smart Governance Information Center

In 2016, after deliberation, Tonglu County decided to build an independent intelligent government affairs platform — intelligent governance information center. Through information collection, comparison, interaction and the application of "big data", the dynamic management, interconnection, joint construction and sharing of information resources of the whole county can be realized, and the delicacy degree and service efficiency of urban management can be improved. Tonglu mode of intelligent government affairs has been preliminarily formed.

02  Hangzhou Creative Design Center

Hangzhou Creative Design Center takes "design" as the leading business mode and gathers excellent creative design enterprises on both sides of the strait. People can try hands at making ceramics, woodware, leather goods and flower art, and can also buy the most distinctive Taiwanese cultural and creative products, as well as take part in all kinds of cultural and creative exhibitions, salons, seminars, conferences and other activities.

03  Yunxi Town

Yunxi Town is one of the first characteristic industrial towns established in Zhejiang province. It has gathered thousands of enterprises and teams in various application fields including games, e-commerce, finance, APP development and intelligent hardware on the cloud computing platform, making it the cradle of cloud computing big data technology. Also, Hangzhou City Brain Operation and Command Center is here.

04  Jianggan Gaoting Filial and Incorrupt Culture Education Park

The Jianggan Gaoting Filial and Incorrupt Culture Education Park has in-depth exploration of the rich and filial cultural resources of the region, such as the hometown of Ding Lan, one of the ancient filial people, the honest and upright official of the Qing Dynasty - Hu Shining, and the famous general of the Ming Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang. Relying on the beautiful natural scenery of the Gaoting Mountain, through rich illustrations, pictures, statues and multimedia presentations as well as technology, everyone can experience the profound filial and incorrupt culture of the Chinese nation.

05  China Silk Museum

The China Silk Museum is a national silk museum and the largest silk museum in the world. People can learn about the origin and development of silk here, and can also experience how silk threads become silk fabrics on the loom.

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