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Bright Yellow, the Touching Color of Hangzhou 2019-11-04
In this colorful world, yellow always gives people a kind of a bright feeling.


Temple to King Qian 钱王祠


Built in the tenth year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty (1077 AD), Temple to King Qian was built by later generations to commemorate the achievements of King Qian of the State of Wuyue. Yellow leaves are an indispensable embellishment of the autumn scene of Temple to King Qian. You will see yellow everywhere, in accordance with the light of the sunset's afterglow. The sky is clear and the clouds are so white. Here, you can slowly understand the historical relics of the Five Dynasties and listen to the cultural stories of West Lake.


Lingyin Temple 灵隐寺


Lingyin Temple is one of the top ten ancient Buddhist temples in China. It is said that back then, a prominent monk named Hui Li came to Hangzhou and marveled at the beautiful scenery here and thought it was the abode of immortals. Therefore, a temple was built here and named "Lingyin Temple" (Lingyin means the place that immortals choose for seclusion). In addition to the golden autumn leaves, the golden walls in the temple are particularly eye-catching. Being in Linyin Temple, is the color of yellow any relief for your feelings of boredom?


Leifeng Pagoda 雷峰塔


Historically, Leifeng Pagoda was built at the order of the King of the State of Wuyue, Qian Hongchu to celebrate the birth of his son by one of his favorite concubines. However, the pagoda gained its fame for the folklore "Legend of the White Snake", a famous folk legend in China. At dusk, the Leifeng Pagoda in the distance is shrouded in a layer of yellow halo and seems so lonely. Looking at the Leifeng Pagoda from the distance, your head will be filled with a myriad of thoughts and ideas.


Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest 九溪烟树


The water here is clear and the scenery here is beautiful. The place is called "Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest". Every autumn, the place shows a scene of orange and yellow, picturesque and smokey. On the way to the attraction, you will see tea mountains on both sides of the road, which are production areas of the famous Longjing green tea. Drink a cup of tea brewed here, and you can only imagine how fragrant and mellow the taste is!


Xiaohe Straight Street 小河直街


In the afternoon, passing by a literary shop in Xiaohe Straight Street where the bright yellow antique items are placed one by one. Behind every item, there hides the care and thought of the maker and there is a behind-the-scenes story that is unknown. These items, they are quietly displayed on the shelf, waiting for someone to find. And you, will you the one who CARES?


Manjelong 满觉陇


Manjelong is located in a natural village south of the West Lake in between the Southern Peak (南高峰) and Baihe Peak (白鹤峰). Along the way, there are planted more than 7,000 osmanthus flowers of different varieties. Every year in October, sweet-scented osmanthus enters the flowering period. The road will be lined with tea houses built by villagers. At this time, you might as well sit down to drink a cup of tea, eat a mouthful of osmanthus chestnut soup, and forget all troubles in the world completely.


Changle Forest Farm 长乐林场


Changle Forest Farm is located in Dayu Valley (大禹谷), 6 km away from Laoyuhang Town (老余杭镇). It is a natural forest farm with a large number of tall camphor, torreya, maple and cedar trees. When autumn comes, it turns into a golden sea. Today, Changle Forest Farm still retains its natural untapped appearance, requiring no tickets, and free of hawkers, which makes it a little more mysterious. Come here to start a journey of adventure!

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Bright Yellow, the Touching Color of Hangzhou2019-11-04
​In this colorful world, yellow always gives people a kind of a bright feeling.
Travel Back in Time in Hangzhou Confucius Temple2019-11-04
The sun is shining and the autumn wind is just right. In such good weather, it is a good idea to travel back in time in the Hangzhou Confucius Temple. Here, you can cultivate your mind and soul. In the temple, tablets can be seen everywhere, positioning people instantly in the ancient seat of learning in the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Here, you can stop and appreciate the ancient moss-covered stone tiles, which seems to narrate the thousands-of-year history of the Confucius Temple.
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