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Qiandao Lake for All 2019-11-04
When traveling, what matters the most is not just the destination but also the traveling companion. How to choose the most suitable travel destination for yourself and in the meantime fulfill the expectation of your traveling companion is particularly important.

For the Aged

Longchuan Bay is the most beautiful in autumn. It boasts the view of lofty mountains encircling a clear lake, fresher than fresh air and picture-postcard scenery, all of which are old people's favorites and also the reasons why people should visit Longchuan Bay when in Qiandao Lake.

■ Longchuan Bay

Address: Southwest tourist wharf of Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County (Jiangjia Town) 淳安县千岛湖西南旅游码头(姜家镇)

Telephone: +86 571 65025699

For the Youths

As an old Chinese saying goes, "good-looking bikes look all the same, while interesting cycling routes are one in a million". The Cycling Bridge is indeed one good cycling route chosen from a million. So, let's breathe the fresh air while cycling among a picturesque setting to feel the youthful vitality.

■ Cycling Bridge

Address: North of Upper Jiangbu Bridge on Chunyang Line, Chun'an County 淳安县淳杨线上江埠大桥以北

For BFFs

What is the definition of a BFF in the new era? In my eyes, a BFF is the one that you can take selfies with and the one that you can get fat with. Qilong Lane is a primitive town lane, where you can take selfies on stone steps, drink milk tea, buy desserts, taste delicious food and experience fashionable things together.

■ Qilong Lane

Address: Qilong Lane, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇骑龙巷 

For Kids

Come to the Wenyuan Lion City for a serene and elaborate research trip, be a powerful little lion king and enjoy various folklore experiences... It's just like a super entertaining garden with education in an amusement.

■ Wenyuan Lion City

Address: Lion City, Wenyuan, Jiangjia Town, Chun'an County 淳安县姜家镇文渊狮城

Telephone: +86 571 58708777

For Couples

Let's go on a date, enjoy the beautiful scenery and quiet time on the bench by the romantic and poetic lakeside. At night, there are also cool music fountains and light shows.

■ Qiandao Lake Square

Address: No. 2-58, Xin'an South Road, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇新安南路2-58号

■ Xiushui Square

Address: No. 59, Yangguang Road, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇阳光路59号

■ Pearl Square

Address: Pearl Avenue, Qiandao Lake Town, Chun'an County 淳安县千岛湖镇珍珠大道

■ Urban Landscape Belt

Address: from Tourist Wharf of Central Lake District of Chun'an County to the lakeside of Qiandao Lake Bridge 淳安县中心湖区旅游码头至千岛湖大桥沿湖边

Come to Qiandao Lake this autumn and winter.

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