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Learn the Present and the Past of Hangzhou 2019-10-22
Hangzhou is a cultural and historical city and the museums in Hangzhou are like books revealing the past and the present of the city. Besides popular museums like Liangzhu Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum and China Tea Museum, there are also many others that are less known but worth a visit as well.

 Xiaoshan Kuahu Bridge Relics Museum
The museum unearthed the earliest canoe so far found in the world. It is a thematic museum that comprehensively reflects the archaeological excavations and research results of the Kuahu Bridge site.
The whole building is shaped like a boat, which is inspired by the earliest "canoe" discovered in the world. From the plane shape to the three-dimensional shape, the form of "boat" is adopted, as if a boat is about to row away, reflecting the essence of Kuahu Bridge culture - the interaction between man and nature. The exterior wall is made of rusted materials that symbolize historical vicissitudes and fully display the vicissitudes of 8000 years of culture.
Address: No. 978 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou杭州市萧山区湘湖路978号
China Sigillography Museum

The museum is the first professional sigillography museum founded by the Xiling Seal-engravers' Society (the oldest, most successful and influential folk art association which serves as a wonderful place to study engraving, painting and calligraphy.) 
The museum serves the function of documentation collection, historical relics display and academic exchange. The strong academic ambiance and picturesque natural scenery make the museum the national-level garden-like museum that it is. Located within the old site of the Xiling Seal-engravers' Society, the main building of the museum covers an area of 1300 sq m and since its opening in 1999, it has welcomed over tens of thousands of visitors.
It includes nine showrooms that display imperial seals, epigraphic art, painting and calligraphy, sigillographic art, seal stone, Wu Changshuo's works and the history of Xiling. The rare historical relics and art treasures in China Sigillography Museum total more than 500 and 300 hundred pieces respectively.
Address: No. 10 Gushan Houshan Road, Hangzhou 杭州市孤山后山路10号
Hangzhou Cuisine Museum
Hangzhou Cuisine Museum is the only museum that owns a restaurant that is open to the public. There are a variety of dishes in Hangzhou and each and every one of them has its unique flavor and historical stories. If you want to know all aspects of Hangzhou food culture, then Hangzhou Cuisine Museum is the right place to do so.
Hangzhou Cuisine Museum is dubbed as the most culturally significant restaurant in Hangzhou. It reproduces the food culture change of different dynasties including the Southern Song Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, etc.
Address: No. 9 Huyu Road, Hangzhou 杭州市虎玉路9号
China Umbrella Museum
Chinese Umbrella Museum is an umbrella themed museum in Hangzhou. Since its opening, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations of Hangzhou with its special tourist resources and unique charm. Umbrella in traditional Chinese literature is a classic image of romance and femininity. In many poems and essays, umbrellas are always connected with elegant ladies and mild gentlewomen.
Address: No. 336, Xiaohe Road, Hangzhou 杭州市小河路336号
China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum
China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum is situated beside China Umbrella Museum. Two museums share a joint entrance hall. After reaching the main hall then turning right, visitors will see China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum. With a total area of 2,460 square meters, the museum professionally exhibits a unique culture of China traditional weapons and life tools. It has two floors. The ground floor exhibits scissors and knives, and the second floor shows a variety of knives and swords. The most highlighted zone is the interaction zone, where the visitors can experience the true activities of using these weapons. In this museum, the oldest knife is the bronze-made one made in China Warring-State Period (475 BC-221 BC), and the most mysterious knife is Damascus Steel-Made Knife. Besides, there are also the exhibitions of the traditional scissors workshop.
Address: No.366, Xiaohe Road, Hangzhou (杭州市小河路366号)

China Silk Museum
Situated at the southern bank of the West Lake, China National Silk Museum is the largest silk museum on earth. Its eight exhibition halls including the Preface Hall, Relics Hall, Folk-custom Hall, Dyeing and Weaving Hall and Modern Achievements Hall will lead you into a fantastic world.

Address: No.73-1, Yuhuangshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市玉皇山路73-1号)
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Travel Back in Time in Hangzhou Confucius Temple2019-11-04
The sun is shining and the autumn wind is just right. In such good weather, it is a good idea to travel back in time in the Hangzhou Confucius Temple. Here, you can cultivate your mind and soul. In the temple, tablets can be seen everywhere, positioning people instantly in the ancient seat of learning in the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Here, you can stop and appreciate the ancient moss-covered stone tiles, which seems to narrate the thousands-of-year history of the Confucius Temple.
No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
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