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Old Hangzhou Style Hidden in Wuliu Lane 2019-11-06
Just across the street from the prosperous Hefang Street, people will find an extremely quiet lane called Wuliu Lane, which is free of bustling crowds and noisy car hoots. The lane is like a fairyland hidden in the downtown area. It was as if time had slowed down here.

Wuliu Lane is one of the few streets and lanes in downtown that still preserve old memories of Hangzhou. It is worthwhile for people to take some time off to appreciate it slowly. People will find sceneries everywhere in the lane. Take your camera and capture some of its beauties.

“Find Willows in Misty Along the Riverside, Appreciate Exquisitely Carved Bridges in the Lane”

Wuliu Lane stretches from No. 3 Doufu Bridge (半富三桥) in the south and Daoyuan Lane (道院巷) in the north. During the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), a garden named Wuliu was built, hence the name of the lane, Wuliu. In olden times, most people living here are influential officials and dignitaries. Now it has become a dwelling place for tradesmen and craftsmen, and you will find all kinds of small objects reflecting the then lifestyle on the lane.

There is a river called Caishi River passing through the middle of the alley and the river is flanked by lush green plants, adding a bit of quietness and coolness to the lane.

Most of the buildings here retain the characteristics of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic Period of China. A few buildings have been added with a modern touch, which is not awkward at all, instead, adding a special beauty to the lane.

The residents here normally keep a tabby cat and only care about the flowers at the door every day. They stand aloof from worldly affairs, calm and peaceful.

Such wooden doors can be found everywhere in Wuliu Lane. Most of them are closed. Peeling lacquer, rusty doorknob … no one knows how many years of rain and wind they have experienced.

“White Walls and Green Tiles, Small Bridges and Running Water”

It's a pity, though, that you can't stay here long, but take some "tourist photos" with the white walls and green tiles is equally enjoyable. A casual glance revealed the staircase. It is covered with moss, but it doesn't detract from its beauty.How can you miss the "No. 3 Doufu Bridge"? Even if you don't know how to pose for photo, feel free to sit on the river, pretending to look into the distance, or looking at the camera. Nothing will go wrong. Wuliu Lane has a profound history. Those inconspicuous places on the street are also great backgrounds for your photos. There is a strange "wall" here. It is not in accordance with the antique style of Wuliu Lane. But after watching it for a long time, you will also feel that it is in tune with the lane.

"Talents Hidden in the Streets and Alleys"

△ craftsman drying the gourd outdoors

Today, on the Wuliu Lane there live many art vendors and craftsmen. Behind an inconspicuous small door that you pass by, there may live an art vendor or a craftsman.

Address: No. 8 Hexia, West No. 1 Doufu Bridge, Shangcheng District

In the antique Wuliu Lane, actually hiding a Lolita store, which has a seemingly inconspicuous façade but it is a world all its own.

The store has hundreds of dresses, at least, and shoes and accessories that will dazzle you. This is a paradise for thousands of girls in Hangzhou.

There are some costumes in the store that you can try on. Lolita dress, JK uniform … each set has a story dedicated to it. Put on them and you will feel as if you have entered their story.

Pingjia Fan art
Address: No. 1 Hexia, East No. 1 Doufu Bridge, Shangcheng District

There is a river called Caishi River passing through the middle of the alley and the river is flanked by lush green plants, adding a bit of quietness and coolness to the lane.

Fans are considered a Hangzhou souvenir by many people. Therefore, in addition to some regular customers in the shop, there are also many tourists coming to customize or purchase fans. The price of the fan in the store is also ranging from tens to tens of thousands.

Silk fans are known as the special fans of Hangzhou, the capital of silk. Master Zhao's shop, of course, is not lack of these. Though small these silk fans are, every detail presents fine workmanship and very comfortable to hold.

In the noisy and fast-paced urban life, the quietness of Wuliu Lane is quite extraordinary. Pick a weekend and invite a few friends to come to Wuliu Lane to free yourself and to feel the leisure that modern people crave. Excellent!
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