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Cultural and Creative Art Palace 2019-11-06
The foot of Phoenix Mountain, once the hinterland of the Southern Song Imperial City, has now become a quiet place difficult to find in Hangzhou. It is an ideal place for a weekend getaway and is known by a few people. Here, you can also find the roots of Hangzhou!

Along the footpath of Phoenix Mountain, see the real appearance of the community of Mantou Mountain. Mantou Mountain used to at the "the foot of imperial city", but now is a white-walled and black-tiled residential area in the south of the Yangtze River. Looking up, you can see the shade of trees and clear sky. Here you can enjoy the charm of old Hangzhou heartily.

Unlike the fast pace of modern Hangzhou as a first-tier city, the slow pace of life still exists here. Under the low-key appearance, it is the market culture that many people cherish in their hearts. It may also be the scenery of "grandmother's house in the childhood" in the hearts of Chinese people.

The Most Fashionable Art Base

The Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base (凤凰御园艺术基地) in the south of the city is the hinterland of the imperial city site of the Southern Song Dynasty. Before the renovation, the whole park was solitary and depressed, with only a few ancient trees and old warehouses that had been idle for many years. In 2012, after renovation, it became a treasure in the eyes of young literary and artistic people and pioneer designers in Hangzhou. Coffee shops, dessert shops, photography studios, flower shops and studios of various brands are gradually open.

New and Old Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base

Stepping into the Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base, you will feel as if you are walking into a cultural and artistic space full of modern designs as well as traditional historical characteristics. Well-distributed architectural layout, poetic and picturesque French plane trees, mottled old walls, old houses, as well as quiet cafés, tea houses, and wineries...

01 Interaction with Outdoor Props

The vending machines and pink benches in the scenic area as visually striking colors are very helpful to enhance the color sense in photos that will also appear very vivid and natural.

The entrance of every store is also a good spot for photos. The design with a changeable style can also instantly render your mood of photographing! White tone, Nordic style and simple greeneries are the popular Instagram keynotes. A photo of sitting in the guest seat in front of the door is a good portrait photo!

02 Blend with the Background

Along Fenghuangli Street, you can see a Jiangnan-style courtyard corridor paved with white sandstones, rusty, weedy and abandoned factory-style buildings.

Small bungalows can be found everywhere in the park. Pushing open bamboo doors, there may be craftsmen's studios. Tie-dyeing, woodwork, painting studios... where minds settle, together with the boston ivy that almost spreads to the window are the simplest happiness in summer.

In the depths of the park, the Wumuchenxiang Mideng Garden (吾木沉香迷邓花园) is a house hidden in greeneries. It is filled with fresh and false flowers, high vaults, gorgeous chandeliers, pumpkin lantern-shaped vases and Peter Rabbit sculptures, which is full of childlike fantasy.

At the foot of Phoenix Mountain, a poetic and picturesque landscape comes into view. In the greeneries, romantic art palaces are well scattered. Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base is a good place where you never waste time.

Fenghuang Yuyuan Creative Culture and Art Base

No. 7 Fenghuangshanjiao Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Some shops are not allowed for photographs and business photographs in the park are charged.
Spend more time and you can find many unimpressive corners that are suitable for photographs.

Transportation Guide:
Metro: Nanxingqiao Station (25 minutes' walk or seven minutes' ride after leaving the station)
Bus: No. 66 bus, Fengshan Xincun Station and Tiaozhouwan North Station drop-off and then arrival in a few steps
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