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The Best Season of Hangzhou 2019-09-29
Cool breeze, azure sky, the fragrance of osmanthus permeating the air … the best season of Hangzhou has arrived. Why don't make the most of the upcoming seven-day holiday to explore Hangzhou? The Xihu District of Hangzhou has prepared you all with an abundance of activities to appreciate the beauty of Hangzhou in autumn.

Collections of National Day Activities

01  2019 Lingshan Characteristics Town Opening

The 5.7-kilometer-long Pastoral Scenery Cycling and the Field and Garden Farming Experience invite you to experience the lively country life; "Sweet Witness" large-scale wedding photography activity and "Romantic Rhythm" mini concert give you a romantic Lingshan visiting experience; The upgraded Lingshan Dreamland brings its visitors better karst cave exploring experience; Through Lingshan Fair, Night Tours, Food Tours … you can understand Lingshan from all angles.

Time: Sept. 29 to Oct. 7

02  2019 Hangzhou Xishan International Mountaineering Festival

The festival is centered on the classic mountain hiking route of Xishan National Forest Park (西山国际森林公园) and combines the abundant mountain resources and unique cultural resources to upgrade and build the route "ascend the summit of Hangzhou city to view the ten scenes of Xishan Mountain" unique to Xishan. It is divided into three types, 9-kilometer-long family and parent-child route, 18-kilometer-long ancient road advanced route and 32-kilometer-long Warrior Challenge route.

Time: October 13

03  Song Dynasty Town Chili Festival

There will be Chili Carnival Parade, Chili Flash Mob, Chili Water-Sprinkling Carnival, Chili Pot Villa, Chili Eating Competition and other wonderful activities taking you on a journey to explore the taste of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Time: October 1st to November 30th

Emerging Must-Visits

01  Hangzhou Xixi Guishanyao Ceramic Art Museum

The exhibition hall mainly displays the ceramic works of Chinese arts and crafts masters Guo Linshan and Ji Xigui, and holds various ceramic academic seminars and exhibitions from time to time. When you come to the exhibition hall, you can also personally experience the firing technique of Yue Kiln celadon, an intangible cultural heritage in Xihu District to understand the history and characteristics of celadon firing technique, learn the ceramics making technique and experience the intangible cultural heritage on site.

Address: Hezhu Street, Xixi National Wetland Park
Hours: closed on Monday; make a reservation three days in advance if you want to experience the abovementioned intangible cultural heritage
02Zhejiang University Art and Archeological Museum

The museum is the first art history museum in China designed and built according to the historical relics protection standards of the American Association of Museums. It features a simple and modern style.

Address: inside Zijin'gang Campus of Zhejiang University

03  Xiangshan Art Commune

The white-walled and black-tiled buildings at the southern foot of Xiangshan Mountain, which are full of Chinese style elements, were designed by the team of China Academy of Art, which endowed each and every brick, tile and scene in the commune with unique architectural ingenuity.
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Bright Yellow, the Touching Color of Hangzhou2019-11-04
​In this colorful world, yellow always gives people a kind of a bright feeling.
Travel Back in Time in Hangzhou Confucius Temple2019-11-04
The sun is shining and the autumn wind is just right. In such good weather, it is a good idea to travel back in time in the Hangzhou Confucius Temple. Here, you can cultivate your mind and soul. In the temple, tablets can be seen everywhere, positioning people instantly in the ancient seat of learning in the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Here, you can stop and appreciate the ancient moss-covered stone tiles, which seems to narrate the thousands-of-year history of the Confucius Temple.
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