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Xixi Unlocks the "Water, Land and Mid-Air" Autumn Tour 2019-09-29

Another bumper year for persimmons and Xixi National Wetland Park's annual "Red Persimmon Festival" has arrived as expected. Persimmons are piled up high in bamboo baskets and the whole park is covered in red. Everywhere is brimmed with the joy of harvest.

On the morning of September 21, 2019, the 15th Xixi Red Persimmon Festival kicked off and the festival lasts for a month until October 20. 

Purchase a Persimmon Tree for Persimmon Picking 

There are a total of over 7,000 persimmon trees of three varieties (Flat Persimmon 扁柿, Fire Persimmon火柿, Square Persimmon方柿) in Xixi National Wetland Park. The most classic activity in Xixi Red Persimmon Festival is "Happy Persimmon Peasant". People can purchase a "Happy Persimmon Peasant" ticket with 30 CNY and then have their basket and bamboo pole to pick persimmons.

If you want to share the fun of picking persimmons with your friends, you can purchase a persimmon tree and claim all persimmons on that tree. Then you and your friends can share the fun of picking persimmons together.

The first 70 persimmon trees are now available for purchase and are served on a first-come-first-get basis. Please 

call +86 571 88106688 to make a reservation. 

Red Persimmon Carnival

During Xixi Red Persimmon Festival, besides picking and tasting persimmons, a series of creative and interactive activities have been organized.

Visitors can follow the guide of the hand-drawn map to find the seven assigned places to get these stamps "火(fire), 柿(persimmon ), 映 (reflection), 波(ripple), 秋 (autumn), 西(west) and 溪 (stream)". With five of them, visitors can get a prize. And there is more. Visitors can head to Planet Cinema at the big wharf of Zhoujia Village (周家村) to watch the heart-shaking full-dome films. Have you ever seen the beautiful scene of numerous butterflies flying around and chased beautiful butterflies in blooming flowers?

National Day Persimmon Grand Parade

It is the 90th Anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China and if you visit Xixi during the National Day Holiday (October 1 to 10), you can take part in the six "National Day Grand Parade" themed games. Each and every one of them is fun. You will get delicate gifts after you finished these games.

There are also happy bubble show and magic show for kids and adults alike, bringing laughter to all. In order to celebrate this year's bumper harvest, a giant pan with a diameter of seven meters is set up in Hezhu Tower Square, inside which are water chestnuts, peanuts, corns, etc. waiting for you to savour.

Experience Folk Customs

Every weekend and national holiday during Xixi Red Persimmon Festival, there will be cute persimmon dolls available for shooting photos and playing games with tourists in Zhoujia Village (周家村). Besides, the water town folk wedding performance in Shen Tan Kou (深潭口) is also a hit where you can experience riding a sedan chair, throwing an embroidered ball, etc.

Characteristic Products Give You Unique Xixi Experience

Do you want to have a panoramic view of "red persimmons enhancing Xixi in autumn" from a height of over 100 meters? Then head to Xixi to take the helium hot balloon.

Drift along one of the many creeks in sculling boats viewing unrivaled autumn view of Xixi at close range while tasting the savory "Shaking Pot" is also a good idea. If that's not enough, you can always try the "Xixi Dusk Cruise", "Fishermen tour", "Xixi Dragon Boat Experience Tour", kayaking and other water sports, to enable you to view Xixi from all angles.


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