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Wear This Dress and Discounts are On the Way 2019-09-20

This June, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism launched its Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival for 2019 overseas and has organized promotional events successively in Paris, London, Vienna, Prague, etc. This September, Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival went back to Hangzhou and during the period, as long as you wear Qipao, you can enjoy a lot of discounts in Hangzhou.

Let's first enjoy some dazzling Qipao photos from this event.


Wear Qipao and You can Enjoy A Lot of Discounts


From September 1 to 20, as long as you are wearing Qipao, you can enjoy the following discounts.


12 percent off for Grandma's Kitchen Select; 50 percent off for enjoying afternoon tea in Hangzhou Xinqiao Hotel (杭州新侨饭店), from 50 percent off for staying at Liyuan Xiaocun Boutique Hostel (栗原小村民宿); from 30 percent off for booking Tianmushan Chengjing Homestay (天目山澄境民宿); 20 percent off for purchasing brand products and some of wild ginseng in Guangxingtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (杭州市中医院广兴堂国医馆).


September 21 to 30 More Discounts on the Way

30 percent off if dining in the New Hotel (新新饭店) wearing Qipao; 520 CNY per night for the original 2180 CNY per night Heqing Yazhi Room in Hangzhou Wuyang Hotel (杭州五洋宾馆); free entrance to Xixi National Wetland Park and 50 CNY per person for taking battery boats inside the scenic area; 50 percent off for admission fee for Jiangnan Big Icy Cave Scenic Area!

Watching Qipao Show on the Banks of the West Lake and the Grand Canal


Photos from Last year's event at the Long Bridge, West Lake


On September 21, we will have Qipao creative performance and land art display in Hangzhou's ten landmark sites, the West Lake, Hangzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Historical Relics of Liangzhu Ancient City, Xixi National Wetland Park, the City Balcony of Qianjiang New City, China Silk Museum, Yishan Town, Zhejiang Science and Technology University and Xiaoshan Airport. Then, females of different nationalities from all walks of life will be dressed in Chinese culture-featured Qipao to have Qipao-related performances.



Photos from last year's event at the Grand Canal


On September 22, people can also enjoy Qipao doll installation art and the release of Qipao Festival icon "Hang Xiao Yi" and other culture and creative products.

Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, Stepping On International Stages


In this year's Qipao Festival, we not only organized activities in Hangzhou, but also stepped on international stages. On June 19, Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival was grandly held overseas and with the theme of "celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China" has launched a series of activities in ten international cities.


From June to August, Hangzhou has organized unique cultural demonstration activities like "Sky City" Qipao Dance, Hangzhou Brocade Qipao Show, Silk Painting interactive experience in cities like Paris, London, Vienna, Prague, and integrated silk, Qipao culture and Hangzhou mountains and waters, showing the world the new life aesthetics of Hangzhou people. Let's check out …




French youth choir singing "Sky City“

People dancing in front of the Arch of the Triumph

Elegant figures in front of the Arch of the Triumph




Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival in London

In front of London Tower Bridge, ballet dancers dressed in pink and flower- and bird-patterned Hangzhou Qipao were dancing and singing creatively.

British jazz singer Cat Somers gave an impromptu singing performance




On the banks of the Danube, Chinese and foreign models performed the Qipao dance of "Sky City".

I love Hangzhou!




On the cruise ship on the Vltava River, people were dancing with hands holding Chinese fans.

The new Czech designer was creating the image of Hangzhou in her heart on Qipao.

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